RA-SPECT the African American Woman’s Past & Presence/Presents

Now when you think about an African American woman
You cannot deny her passion and you cannot deny her teaching style
You cannot take away her success and you cannot ignore how she’s blessed
She has multiple talents in the liberal arts, sports, technology to politics, music, or biology
Not to mention, she can solve most of your problems with her intuitive child’s psychology
She can heal you with her words, discipline you with her systematic ways, put people first in politics, and bring joy into your frustrating days
She creates a caring culture with the rhythm of her emotions and keeps things steady during times of commotion
She is a teacher and leader who loves to see her people perform and do their best
These attributes or aptitudes of the African American woman cannot be demonstrated in a standardized test; Because her instruction has quality and her students’ personal outcomes reflect her success

She competes with compassion and can play the game well
And you can’t help but to hire her because her talent sells
However, you do not want her to win because you are too busy racing to the top
So from the bottom she applies her domestic abilities cleaning up your messes with her mental mop
She troubleshoots your mistakes and creates new possibilities with her powerful trait to innovate
Often on the front line fighting your battles not being recognized for her blood, sweat, or tears
She just watches others get all of the credit and honor throughout her hardworking years

Please note that the African American woman represents heroes and sheroes of strong ancient African empires and many sustainable nations
But you rather disrespect her in the media as a scandal, basketball wife, video vixen, or a just another ghetto fabulous sensation
You’ve capitalized off her children’s talents, from slavery to corporate greed but she will no longer allow you to defeat the culture she’s cultivated and recklessly throw away her seeds
You’ve brainwashed and mistreated her babies in the public school system making them feel like less than a person
Resulting in low self-esteem to support your socially structured slavery schemes, thus hindering some African Americans from reaching their personal dreams

NOW, we are going to get to the Common Core of this matter and my people will no longer live this corporate curse
Because you will RA-Spect the African American woman and her children as one of the best instead of the worst

It’s time for radical change in education and within political corporations
Because living like a 2nd class or no class citizen is no celebration
I’m not satisfied with the way things are
We’ve made progress, but the racial and social respect is not up to par
You think we are supposed to work with or for you and feel like a slave?
You think you can disrespect me as a person and I’m supposed to be well-behaved?
Just because I have a brown nose does not mean I am going to brown nose to advance my way through life
I rather blow the whistle on the people who deny me of my human rights
Until those people get tired of me fighting for my original birth rights
And RA-Spect my family and friends’ futures as if they are equally worth the fight

The only solution to this problem is that leaders treat people of color like they deserve the best and retrain their employees on the true measures of success!
I would like to ask people in power to RA-Spect the African American woman as a leader and RA-Spect her children as future leaders!
RA-Spect the true history behind education, which is my and your Ancient African History, the foundation of this global society.

“RA-SPECT the African American Woman’s Past (HerStory) and Presence (Her Existence) /Presents ( Her Children & Community)”

All Rights Reserved


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