This blog was simply created to enhance my writing skills. I wanted a platform to creatively and critically share my experiences, perspective on life, as well as, inspire people to compete to achieve their goals with a deeper purpose. A deeper purpose to me is much more than achieving 1st place, winning awards, or acceptance from others, it’s winning with wisdom and positively impacting the world with your natural talents! With that said, through my writing, I enjoy expressing to the world my life lessons through sports and business, as well as, the lessons I wish to teach through love and humility!

Further, I have a diverse background in sports, experiential marketing, and high school teaching. During my teaching career with Baltimore County Public Schools, I discovered a variety of innovative ways to reach and teach content to students, as well as, teachers with integrating technology. Notably, I have the capacity to effectively observe learning environments, apply marketing strategies, and collaborate with a team-centered approach. Therefore, my coaching and teaching style influence others to have the desire to learn and achieve more!

Following my teaching experience, I explored politics in education by volunteering my time to study civil law, examine educational policies, analyze capital and operating budgets, and speak about each at Baltimore County’s Board of Education meetings. I was a consistent advocate for four years providing solutions in order to progressively impact students, teachers, and leaders economically regarding equity. Overall, my vision is to be an intermediary between business, political, and educational leaders in order to ensure students are financially literate, legally aware, business savvy, and have the technical skills to be an asset to the community!

Currently, I am homeschooling my son, Nigel, who is now in middle school. To learn more about my background, click here! If you are interested in partnering with me for consulting services or speaking engagements, please email me at competewithpurpose@gmail.com.


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