What Are You Going to Do in order to Change the Game?

If you’ve ever played “street-ball” and encountered an opponent who plays dirty, that could be an invitation for you to play dirty in return. So when the game gets dirty, you’re not supposed to whine, complain, or argue about the rules – you just accept it for what it is and stay competitive until someone wins. Whoever wins the game, wins respect! Simple as that! The team who loss can’t argue about the outcome if you decided to “reciprocate their style of play” because they decided to set the precedence and tone of the game.

“Remember that your competitive approach may change the future rules of the game based on your confidence and courage!”

Therefore, in life, we have to ask ourselves, what type of games are we willing to play in order to achieve our personal or professional goals? Sometimes I ask myself as a woman and mother, why do I have to compete so much for what I desire or wish to see in the world? However, I continue to compete! Further, I ask why are there so many “organized obstacles” in life that are designed to keep some of us from excelling! Even when we are trying to focus on our life’s purpose, there are some people whose life’s purpose is to create barriers for us! Even though we experience many challenges in life, we cannot forget what our former First Lady, Michele Obama, told us:  “When they go low, we go high!”

Every day of our lives, we have options to go low or to go high; perhaps we may choose both options as we learn more about this competitive game of life. Despite life’s highs and lows, we must continue to have a winning spirit, be mentally tough and strategic about our lives – never being conquered by our circumstances or those who choose to compete against us.

“We truly have the option to change the game and remain true to ourselves or allow the game to change us in terms of how we relate to one another. It depends on how you choose to grow!”

Furthermore, I’ve learned in the political game or in the corporate competition, that it’s not always about what you know, it’s who you know; it’s not always about what you do,  it’s about – for whom you’ve given a favor to. In spite of that, I hope this “game of life” will soon make a shift with people making more meaningful efforts to see the value in everyone – no matter who you know in a powerful position, what you’ve achieved or did not achieve, or favor you’ve given someone “in order to receive respect or a chance for equal acknowledgement or opportunities”!

Now, of course, due to this often “rigged” system of success, you can not win by yourself so there are some collaborative concepts you must master with your team or even your “so-called” opponents. In retrospect, I’ve learned while competing in sports, to become a championship team, it’s helpful to be on the same accord regarding your core values which give you a unified bond. Additionally, your spirits have to be synchronized, your mindsets’ have to be aligned as if you all were telepathic, and the roles you play must be very clear in order to win! When I speak of winning, I’m  not necessarily talking about beating your competition, but learning how to build up your team so each individual will step up their game including your opponents. Thus, intentionally giving your teammates and supporters credit for their efforts and allowing them to score in ways they’ve never imagined due to your leadership is authentic legacy building!

“I truly believe everyone should feel like they are winning when they are on your team or feel inspired just having the chance to compete with you!”

Now, not everyone is going to have your talent, strength, or your mentality so “having faith” is the essence of a successful competitor. Even when you believe some of your teammates may not be capable of helping the team win or able to perform on a higher level, it is your duty to believe in them and encourage them because when the game is on the line, it may be only up to that person to lead the team to the final winning play or to win the final game based on your positive influence. Actually, I know from experience that when you show others that you have faith in their performance, it has the potential to encourage them to make some bold moves in life! So my question for you is, are you going to watch your teammates struggle or seek competitive ways for them to feel motivated to win?” Another question you can ask yourself is, “Did I do my best to help my teammates in a positive and uplifting way that did not serve my self-interest, but the interest of the team?” – whether your team is family-oriented, community-driven, or simply a professional collaboration. On the other hand, it’s inevitable for your teammates’ goals to change and they may choose to go in another direction, but the mere fact that as a leader you were able to assist them with a strong foundation in which they feel comfortable enough to become independent in their own life pursuits, is a great example of your “legacy’s work”.

Additionally, I remember growing up as a student-athlete, observing that if you were considered smart or athletic, worked hard, and played by a set of rules – you could possibly have a piece of success or feel like a winner through your achievements! Over time, it seemed that more opportunities were available to those who met the academic or athletic standards that our communities believed to be worth the investment, leaving some groups of talented people out of the competition. So those who were left out, either chose to live a life of defeat or had to create their own opportunities. Some chose to compete legally or illegally – maybe choosing to be on “special-interest” teams even if it compromised their personal morals and values – just wanting to be accepted as an achiever.

Hence, we often spend our entire lives trying to figure out what’s our true life’s purpose and what team we desire to be on. Then, we associate with different groups of people and organizations, seek many educational or employment opportunities, exploring various religious or belief systems, and it seems like we keep walking in circles. After our many journeys and risk taking, we often return to the core of what we simply want out of life – love, peace, respect, compassion, safety, fairness, and positive or authentic relationships! Contrary to those wonderful feelings we desire from life experiences, it’s necessary to experience dark moments alone or the dark side of life to determine where we truly want to be and who we will allow in our circle of influence. During those dark times, we are often disappointed in people who we thought were supposed to be loyal to us including family and friends. Therefore, it can truly be a tug of war both on your soul and spirit regarding relationships or considering future partnerships. Sometimes, experiencing certain challenges in life makes you want to go into isolation in order to determine who you will choose to team up with or who you will love from a distance.

“Honestly, watching some of these “game plays of life” from the sidelines, just makes you want to be a “free agent”, free from the drama, power struggles, competitiveness, judgment, prejudice, and hate.”

However, “we can not go through life avoiding interactions with all people” as we pursue some form of leadership – even if we do not agree with some people’s personality, belief systems, or their decisions. Thus, we must respect each others’ game and what it is here to teach us about cooperating and collaborating with one another. So we must assess ourselves when we are leading people and ask the following questions:

  • Is my competitiveness making others feel powerless or empowered?
  • Is my competitiveness making people become more productive or unguided?
  • Is my competitiveness making others feel not involved in or a part of the team’s progress?
  • Is my competitiveness making people feel I “honestly” support their success or is my competitiveness taking credit for their hard work – blocking or sabotaging their successes?
  • Is my competitiveness driven by humility – allowing people to see my imperfections as I strive for excellence or is my competitiveness humiliating others due to my insecurities or incompetencies?
  • Finally, is my competitiveness helping to create a more consciously collaborative world?

With all that have been said, I recommend everyone to “compete with purpose” and not just have a purpose to compete. There’s a big difference. Notably, if there is a unifying purpose behind your competitiveness, you will never lose and you will win with wisdom if you are open to learn from others and willing to develop.

So from this moment envision the areas of your life you are going to work on and team up with others who will help you achieve! Please note, it may not be a family member or a friend that will get you to the finish line. However, while you are on your grind achieving one goal at a time, you will begin to attract people into your life that can meet you where you are and align you closer to your purpose! Sounds encouraging, right?

Therefore, I pray that all who are reading this message are inspired and feel empowered to make the progressive changes that are necessary to live a healthier and more fulfilling life! Please take care of yourselves, and continue to be a blessing to others through your prayers, thoughts, and actions! Don’t forget to seek some quiet time each day to process your thoughts and emotions in order to be productive and not counterproductive with the distractions around us. Last, but not least, I am holding you accountable to make a list of short-term and long-term goals while answering this question each week: “What am I going to do in order to change the game in my personal and professional life so I can feel liberated and at peace while helping others feel motivated enough to achieve their goals?!”

The author of this blog, Marian Serena Moore, is a former teacher/ F.B.L.A advisor now seeking opportunities to coach and consult those who wish to put their life and career goals in action! If you are interested in teaming up with her to achieve your goals, email her at competewithpurpose@gmail.com.


This Case is Closed in order to Open a Door Full of Opportunities!

Hello Education and Civil Rights Supporters,

Yesterday I received a response from the Office of Civil Rights through the Department of Education about my legal case and I wanted to share with you the actual letter from the Team Investigator. I am not surprised from this response and the lack of support from the individuals that were involved with my case. This situation showed me how loyal political players are to a team or organization even when their teammates make decisions that are against their “own” personal belief system. In other words, when you are a part of a social group, religious group, fraternity, sorority, sports team, coalition – some people chose to be loyal just to be “a part of a whole” and give up their soul’s purpose to remain wealthy, prestigious, or popular in the public’s eye. At some point during my case, the decision-makers could have exercised their social responsibility to make this wrong – Right. However, due to my “courageous words”, “untimeliness” or “Black Pride”, my case had no relevance or a chance for justice. Overall, there are several arguments that outweigh being untimely in my case, but I will allow you to be the judge once you read the long awaited letter I received.

More importantly, I want to share with you what I’ve learned from this entire experience and my 35 years of living on this earth:

1. United we stand, divided we fall.

2. Some of us talk, laugh, and gossip about each other, more than we actually help each other. Sometimes we compete more than we actually collaborate with each other.

3. More African Americans need to be supportive of each other and work together on the issues that impact their communities.

4. Instead of helping the ratings of popular shows such as Scandal and Empire or sporting events such as March Madness and the NBA finals which are distracting you from what is really going on in the world, please actively and equally support a person who has been killed, mistreated, or retaliated against. We must avoid television more often and tune into our own lives.

5. I often frequent Baltimore County’s Board of Education meetings to speak on behalf of the African American community and my race is often underrepresented.

6. I understand as working parents it can be very challenging to attend certain political events, but your presence can truly make a difference in your child’s future and your future as well.

7. As an African American community, we should become more involved in politics because there is power in numbers. Check out the ratings for Scandal, Empire, March Madness, the Super Bowl, and the NBA Finals, then you will see how many corporations are supported by the Black community as we die, along with, being mistreated everyday. Check out those deadly and discriminatory statistics as well.

8. I’ve witnessed people of other social groups get exactly what they wanted or witnessed them receiving a fair chance for justice due to political involvement, access to money, and massive amounts of participation from their peers.

9. We judge each other too much and fear judging those who strategically plan our lives and life outcomes.

10. African Americans, along with other races, should seek to learn and study the law as a community in order to defend themselves for being mistreated or misled. Knowledge is power! Ase’!

11. African Americans should come together as a community and analyze school budgets and state budgets whether you are working or not because it impacts your life either way.

12. Whether you are working or unemployed, your thoughts and views matter and could possibly change the hearts of others, creating a more compassionate agenda in politics.

13. Some of us give up too easily! Don’t lose your vision or your hope!

14. African Americans should continue to team up by creating opportunities to support their children and families with financial literacy programs, career opportunities, and entrepreneurship training. Change the financial and employment statistics for our community by seeking resources both online and in the community!

15. African Americans should have more moral and legal assistance available to them in school and at the workplace to assist them with their internal grievance cases.

16. A Cultural Sensitivity and Emotional Intelligence class should be a High School graduation requirement.

17. When African American leaders try to help other African Americans, it’s called favoritism; when a certain racial group help its race, it’s called an equal opportunity. We need to define equal opportunity and match it with affirmative action.

18. People in power will retaliate against you if you speak out about injustice regarding their social group and will use their power against you while demonstrating a positive image to the public’s eye.

19. People in power will take the truth you speak personally and play the role of God in your life if you allow them to, but remember we all are Gods and Goddesses, the original image of God. We are Creators!

20. Some leaders get overly comfortable in their positions and think they can get away with retaliation and mistreating others, but this behavior will not be tolerated if enough people stand up against it! We have to organize and strategize to change the status quo!

21. We have prejudice people who are working with our children and working beside us everyday. Therefore, we have to pray that they will change their hearts because one day their children will need help too; one day they will need help. Pray, but be proactive with your legal matters.

22. We have to build each other up because there are too many people who will not give us the tools for success due to racism, classism, sexism, and corporate greed.

23. Why did I think the education system that has been discriminatory towards African American teachers and other races was going to respect my hard work as a teacher?

24. Why did I believe an education system that at one point did not want African Americans to read and write – would support my African American son’s educational opportunities?

25. Why did I believe in a government that was originally created to mentally, physically, and spiritually enslave African Americans would actually give me and my son justice?

26. Why did I think an African American leader would have the power to bring justice to my case when majority of his bosses may have been racist, biased, or even sexist?

27. Why did I think a female leader, who happened to be of another racial group would support an African American mother and son’s discrimination case?

28. Should I believe that female leaders would support a mother or woman on these types of complex issues no matter their race or religion? Will a woman of another race fight for my civil rights to the point of losing her identity because she connects with my heart and knows she would not have been accepted totally for the way she actually looked on the outside?

29. Are women powerless, disrespected, overworked, or too vindictive in corporate America? Maybe each area I acknowledged is relevant and that is why we cannot progress as corporate women with total satisfaction.

30. Were female leaders influenced by male leaders in order to treat my case as an untimely case or did my team leader arbitrarily make the decision herself because I was standing up for myself firmly?

31. Why did I believe that justice would be served because everyday an African American is killed or spirit is killed due to classism and racism without justice being on their side unless the national media is involved? Sometimes, the media’s attention doesn’t help the dire matters we are facing as a nation.

32. African American families united is the biggest threat to White Supremacy and through this experience I’ve witnessed how some white people do not want black people to help and love one another. We see it every day – our families under extreme stress and living in unfair conditions causing us to divide because individually we have prejudice or different belief systems.

33. We are blaming each other for the hurt that White Supremacy or the Elite has caused us to experience through organized religion, politics, monetary policies, media channels, and education. Stop blaming each other and continue to love and support your family despite your differences!

34. White Supremacy was designed to make African Americans and poor people not BELIEVE anymore or to think that they do not deserve freedom or opportunities. White Supremacy continues to make us feel inferior by using laws against us in order to lower our self-esteem enough to believe that individuals with fancy titles are superior to us.

35. We cannot be equal, if the law or policy constantly divides us as a people. Some people believe poor and being privileged to receive an equal opportunity just don’t mix, but I know if our decision makers did mix the two together, our economy would be a lot stronger and our communities would look like a portrait of progress. I truly believe that politics should empower people, not make them feel unaccomplished or stagnated!

Although on this legal document, it appears that I did not experience racism, discrimination, or my son did not experience retaliation, we absolutely did! I have the proof and some of you have witnessed the evidence. The Office of Civil Rights is supposed to support African Americans and underrepresented groups, but through my case, you can see that clearly this did not happen. It appears that I did not do my job in a timely and a respectful fashion. So please let my lesson, be your lesson and make sure you are not on “CP Time” when submitting your documents. Also, please do not act “too black” or be “too much of an intellectual” because you will not receive justice unless you take your case to private court. As we all know, sometimes through the court system – justice is not a guarantee.

Lastly, this is just the beginning of my career in civil rights and my obligation is to help those who can’t politically help themselves. I believe that when one door closes, another opens and I know there will be some people who are going to support me with my efforts to represent African American children within the school system and African American adults in the workplace. Thank you for your support and please become more active in changing your family lifestyles and community!

Here is my closing prayer for myself and you:

Dear Mother-Father God,

I will not allow the negative events or people’s negative thoughts to interfere with my spirit today. Today is a new day and it has a new purpose. I will renew my mind, heart, and spirit. I will be in the present. I will not escape what agenda you have brought to me today, but try to use my time wisely and purposefully. I will share and use my gifts today with the intent to impact lives and uplift spirits. I will be fair. I will try to be patient and understanding. I will use team approaches to elevate the consciousness of people around me. I will make some decisions that people may not like, but for the betterment of our future. I cannot waste time being fearful by procrastinating or not speaking up when I am being mistreated. I deserve better, we deserve better as a human race! My innovative thoughts and courageous decisions will be for the advancement of this country. I cannot allow the day-to-day challenging events hinder me from my overall mission. I cannot allow the unreasonable decisions that people around me make disrupt the bigger vision I have for the work I have committed my life to. I will not allow the past to affect my present or future unless I am taking the time to improve upon an area I’ve neglected. My personal and professional growth is my priority. I must embrace my growing pains because it is a part of my achievement. I am grateful for all people and events in my life; for it is what allows me to see the world differently. Every event is controlled by Divine timing and I have to allow nature to take its course in certain areas of my life. When the time is right, we can all rejoice for the blessings that will be poured into and out from our lives by acting on our faith! Together we will win and when we stand in solidarity, we are world champions! Remember that believing in your worth is defeating your doubts! Do not stop believing! Faith is why we are all in this race! The finish line of an accomplishment may be closer than we realize, although there are many more milestones to achieve! We humbly have our arms open to the opportunities that the Divine Mother/Father God will present to us. We will receive our blessings and opportunities with humility and gratitude; Despite the hate and confusion around us, we should continue to love and forgive! We should continue to love because love will love us back if we open our hearts! I pray that each and everyone is encouraged by my words! I hope your souls are touched because we have a lot of work to do! Please don’t give up! This world needs you! Amen to the Creator and to my ancestors who give me courage, passion, and new purpose each and every day!


Marian Serena Moore & on behalf of Nigel Malik Moore

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Graduation Reflections & Key Notes!

Graduation time erupts a slew of emotions from places in your body you did not even know existed. Your cheeks may swell up and turn red, your fingers may tingle, and your heart might just palpitate with panic. It may feel like a tornado is in your stomach, then your legs might shake helplessly, and you may literally heat up like a volcano. I know that was dramatic, but you know what I mean. Some of you will really feel this before you walk across the stage.

Furthermore, I recall sitting at many graduations – whether it was mine, a relative, or former students – fighting my sentimental side. I remember going through a metamorphosis – trying to hold back my tears of pride, fear, relief, confusion, and happiness wrapped up into what ended up being an extremely ugly cry.

Now, we cannot forget the infamous moments at graduation when you hear proud voices in the audience, saying: “Yeah, that’s my Baby!” Next, you may hear a sea of whispers with reactions such as, “Pause – wait a minute, look at those pumps! I hope she doesn’t fall in those stilts and look at him with those celebrity shades on – I thought he was getting a diploma, not a Grammy. LOL. Then, you may hear random voices in the crowd including students and teachers gossiping, ”You know he should not have been the valedictorian or they just passed her because the principal was tired of her frequent visits to the office.” Furthermore, the helpless teachers and principals are replying in their anxious minds, Don’t blame it on me, blame it on the alcohol from Happy Hour, I mean the “No Child Left Behind Act”. Lastly, parents are sitting in the audience wondering, “Why didn’t my child get an award? I worked hard doing those projects! I’m joining the PTA next year! I am tired of the educational politics!”

Ok, back to my graduation speech – Accomplishing a task that has a plethora of personal stories that have taken you through phases of defeat and victories which included mismanaging and maximizing your time, good and bad relationships, late nights and early mornings; in sickness and in health, laughter and anger, finding strength during times of weakness; teaming up with people when you needed leaders to motivate you along the way; not to mention, the after class discussions, negotiating grade policies with teachers hoping for some compassion when you know you did not deserve it; Finally, at the end of the year, you want to become spiritual and say prayers like, God please touch this teacher’s heart. I promise I will go to Sunday School with my mother next week.” I could go on and on with the ups and downs of senior year. I’ve witnessed many of these predictable moments from my high school teaching experience!

One more reflection for students in particular…do you remember in the beginning of the school year setting goals to have straight A’s and then at the end of the first quarter, you said, “She could had at least given me a B.” Second quarter, you promise yourself that you are going to change your life around and become more organized. Unexpectedly you develop this nonchalant attitude by the third quarter saying, “Well, I am just going to “C” my way out of this!” Finally fourth quarter, you are in the counselor’s office, asking him or her, “Isn’t a D passing? or “What if I fail the final, then what’s going to be my final grade?” Next, you find out you’re not walking across the stage because you have obligations. Your response is: “Seriously? It’s not my fault my school was too cheap to purchase an eBook.” Now it’s  the two week count down and you just need to find those dusty textbooks. You are so stressed out and you finally say, “Whatever, let me just pay these fines so I can go to prom and ” turn up” at  graduation. ”By the way, I do not like the phrase, “Turn up”; just trying to fit in with some of my readers. Love you! Anyway, the stories can go on forever and I hope you finally can laugh about it! This graduation season, you can sigh with relief because you have achieved a monumental goal and you are on the path towards making many more achievements. So congratulations to everyone who made it through a challenging and rewarding school year! I hope you will experience fulfillment during your next endeavor!  I salute the Class of 2015!


In closing, here is an excerpt from the first draft of my eBook, “Can I Inspire You With My Imagination?”. I guess I will role play as Superintendent or a political figure. This will be my keynote speech for a high school graduation. Please read below:

“Greatness can be defined in many ways because we all think and view life differently. However, I can stand tall today and humbly acknowledge that “I AM GREAT”. Why? Because my GOD tells me every day that I am great! Even when a person looks, listen, deliberately laughs at me, and judges me negatively or treat me as if I am insignificant, I can stand before you and say only my God can judge me. Also, I can be meek and forgive my doubters because they do not understand my greatness; but my final prayer is for those who perceive me in a negative way to be blessed with wisdom and understanding so that they can acknowledge me and others for our unique greatness.

I, also, can stand before you and accept that I am a winner Why? Because my Higher Power told me that when you complete a task, an annual project, or even a day’s work you are a winner whether you are in the front or in the back of this race called life. You can stumble, you can fall, or even crawl to the finish line, but you are still considered a winner. In fact, this year may not have been your best race, but you are still a winner! You do not have to win an award such as the Teacher of the Year, Employee of the Month, or Student of the Week in order to believe in the greatness in which you possess, but someone has to be chosen to be recognized.

So maybe you could recognize yourself instead. What is it that you possess that no one else can take away because you are wonderfully and uniquely made? Reflect and become aware of the talents, skills, and hobbies you have or pay attention to what others have acknowledged about you. Then, begin strategizing on how you can develop and market your skills, talents, and hobbies, which one day can become your dream career or even a successful business. So now that I’ve shifted your mind on what is so unique about you, how do you feel right now envisioning about how you can make your passion pay by being in tune with what brings you joy or makes you feel fulfilled?

Now I want to again focus on the word, “greatness”. Something we all have, yet in a traditional education system, some people just do not meet the standard. Well, how is that so? When you measure my greatness to your greatness, I am not good enough? Even when I produce results, I am not good enough because of this standard or barrier that the traditional education system has created. For decades education’s traditional standards are based on content competency only, which means if I am not competent in a certain content area or if I do not comprehend how you deliver information to me, then I may be called a failure.

It’s so unfortunate that these traditional standards have impacted lives of students – determining their successes and failures in life, directing their college and career paths based on test scores and even influencing their future socio-economic status. With this type of linear education infrastructure, some students and teachers are kind of confused about the direction they want to take. There is an imbalance between what they are currently doing in the classroom or professionally and what they really want to do with a passion. However, if properly supported by your parents, teachers, or leaders, your true existence will be clear and inspired with great purpose!”

© 2015, Marian S. Moore,  All Rights Reserved

If you are interested in reading more of the first draft of my eBook, check it out on Amazon’s website. I hope that today I Inspired You With My Motivational Speech!”

Take Care,

Marian Serena Moore

Can Love Rapture Both Racism and Corrupt Capitalism?

Times like this with wars and protests going on in our streets make me think about the importance of family. The black family has endured so much socially and economically in our country. It is obvious that white supremacy and elite social groups do not want us to love each other the way we naturally love each other. In fact these corporate leaders and bankers have been strategically plotting ways to divide our life stories into Chapter 7, 11, and 13; allowing big businesses’ to be corrupt and causing individuals’ to become bankrupt. On the other hand, some people in power literally pay us to be poor and are entertained by our ignorance; some in the past even created education, monetary, legal, and medical policies to displace the royal black race. Is it our unique DNA code that causes you to experiment on us in such a sadistic and fanatical way?

Unfortunately, there are savvy and strategic political individuals capitalizing on the black community being mentally ill, physically in bondage, and emotionally distraught to support what I like to define as Evil Economics!! Therefore, the root of this evil economy causes our black children to become behind in education, populate prisons, or become substance abusers due to lack of equal opportunity and fair treatment. Yes, our “free” country even exchange our lucrative black communities for stock, bidding on corporate performance and penitentiary profits while black people’s self- and net worth are devalued. This political incorrect system is so mentally sick and the therapy for all of this hate is simply LOVE.

Moreover, we request publicly for leaders to love and respect us but some do not want to give up their ruling power; but why not surrender to LOVE? Why should life relationships be based on power struggles and political parties? It is now the time to let go of the conditional laws and let the natural laws rule! I know in my heart that Mother Nature would not stand for this chaos and the Universal Laws would not fall for this order of business! So now is the time for honesty, humility, and unity; not cover ups, ego trips, and brutality.

I know right now my people are tired and some of them may die for justice in the next few days or even the next few weeks. However, I don’t wish that this type of violence would happen, but my city is in rage and they are going to fight back fearlessly. My brothers and sisters in Baltimore are serious! Some Baltimoreans will control their emotions and others will speak the truth uncut and raw, but it’s all coming from the heart as well as out of frustration! The tolerance for some black  people are extremely low so if they are disrespected, the protests may not be so peaceful and there will be a war. It’s just how nature works when you do not nourish its people with LOVE.

Personally, I know that feeling when injustice hits home. I was willing to die for my cause because I wanted a better life for me and my son along with my community. When you are in the heat of the moment, you just don’t care what people think or what important titles they have; you just want JUSTICE & RESPECT! So I sincerely pray that people will be careful with their children during the protest but I know some black people and other races are going to sacrifice their lives intentionally and unintentionally for the sake of JUSTICE. Furthermore, I have this gut feeling that my city is going to be set up by intruders and some people may travel here to exacerbate the current situation. I hope that I am wrong, but just observing the news and online videos, the feelings of rage and passion are so intense out there right now. I am sorry to say even innocent children may experience some brutality as a result of agitators interfering in our protests. All I can do is pray for peace and love for my community and our nation after centuries of this greedy generational war attack on the royal black family. We definitely need an overflow and outpouring of love to lift us all up!

So I urge you to please be safe and wise out there! It’s an eerie yet courageous smell in the air. Also, don’t feel guilty or allow people to make you feel guilty if  you decide not to protest. It may not be your place to do so. However, if you are not out there marching for Freddie Gray, as a black community we have to remember to take care of ourselves and our children better. We all know that a lot of the illegal and violent activities in our city is because some of us (mothers, fathers, aunts, cousins, friends, neighbors, leaders) are not involved enough in the personal and professional development of our children We, also, know it truly takes a village to help raise and guide our children! Even parents need guidance! Often, some mothers are chasing love or other addictions instead of proactively being a supportive mother; some fathers are chasing love and other addictions instead of allowing his children to experience what it feels like to have an active father in their lives. Other parents are interested in their children becoming professional athletes or becoming entertainers for the world to see; while secret societies are behind the scenes  afflicting our nation with religious wars, mind control programs, false statistics of progression, pollution, genetically modified foods, poverty, homelessness, mass incarceration, inequities in education, and digital destruction. This is why we must LOVE and EDUCATE ourselves and children more energetically!

The least and the most we can do is “wake up”! Try to HEAL and LOVE ourselves first! Next, we should not blame our painful pasts as a valid reason not to build loving relationships; nor blame our lack of education as a reason for not manifesting our dreams and sharing our wisdom with the world! We are so brilliant and RIGHTEOUS, Black Nation! We are mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, master teachers, architects, cooks, artists, writers, producers, directors, historians, entertainers, and entrepreneurs!

So while others choose to protests, some of us can help design the picket signs and flyers, write inspiring speeches, organize fund raisers, develop a strategic plan, teach civil literacy, or simply spend quality time with our children – our future leaders! Apply your talents and make a difference! You could even create art or make music in the name of FREEDOM and LOVE! We must not waste another day in sorrow, but build a lasting legacy for tomorrow!

Make sure you refuse to walk around sleeping unconscious with the enemy, but become conscious of the mystical events happening around you leading your spirit to a deeper meaning about life and your soul’s purpose. So together let’s SEEK and FIND out ways we can help change the signs of the time allowing nature to freely take its course. Allow Mother Nature to divinely intervene in order to rapture the pain, the fear, the hurt, bondage, guilt, and defeat we have experienced through family ties or our family’s lies. Allow the rapture of love to take over!

Remember, that no matter how much racism and capitalism try to break our family’s apart, divine love will remain in our hearts! To the spiritual leaders of this Godly race, please be still and listen to your intuition. Thus, it is written in the heart of Africa that we have an inheritance and a mission to claim!  We will have more African and African American world leaders, some of the poor will become wealthy and the powerless will become powerful! We will create RIGHTEOUS laws treating everyone with LOVE and FAIRNESS! When we decide to ascend as a black nation, the way we view life will not be the same. We will reconnect and return to our ancestral cultural traditions. We will experience miracles of peace, but there are some negative habits and thought patterns we must release! So allow the rapture of love to guide your spirit! Embrace the new, natural, divine, and unifying world order! Enjoy the wealth of yourself and create heaven on earth! Be illuminated and be blessed with spiritual enlightenment! Be  encouraged to study our ancient mysteries and make history! Ase’!


Marian Moore

A Baltimore Native

This Letter is History: To Celebrate or Liberate a Woman

 Updated February 28, 2016Globally Competitive Woman Intro(7)

Dear Wise Men,

I appreciate your existence and it feels great to know that you can assist with celebrating or liberating women; For the grandfathers, fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, boyfriends, and husbands who love, respect, and protect all women, thank you so much for your efforts! For those men who help raise children and take time to mentor them, please keep up the great work! Furthermore, I am truly grateful for men, who help fix what is broken, assemble what needs to be put together, clean up messes, or help carry the heavy loads for women and children! I Honor You! I value your time given to us! More importantly, to the spiritually and emotionally connected men who keep us grounded and balanced with words of Godly wisdom, may you and your lives be blessed with abundance! You are beautiful souls!

But there are a few concerns I have to share with some men across the world because now is the time to make some radical changes. We are currently living in a global and domestic war zone. So right now I do not feel at peace without sharing this candid message with you to remind you that “all” women should be celebrated or liberated more often and willingly. Women need love and attention, just like you – and I want to come to a fair consensus with you all! So please listen to my authentic thoughts:

As a woman, I often wonder if I want to be celebrated or simply liberated; As an appealing woman, I can be celebrated while simultaneously be denigrated; As a powerful woman, I can be given the right to be totally liberated yet feel segregated; As a woman without power, I can feel hated or eliminated. So can I be treated like or feel like an equal when compared to a man without a debate? Can I advance to the top or score a basket without doing a figure eight? Can I feel respected by men for my contributions to humanity? And when I demand respect, can my critics not interpret my words as being arrogant or judging my emotions as insanity?

I’m not asking you to be vindictive towards me, non-responsive, or treat me like I am out of my league. Nor do I want you to ignore my game, defame my name, or acknowledged by you as a woman who needs to be tamed. Celebrate me by liberating me, not competing with me or providing for me materialistically! You cannot buy my love, but I would love for you to buy into my mentality. Maybe you should try to think like a woman – tap into your feminine side; Be vulnerable and allow me to be your spiritual guide. Love me with loyalty; Be gentle and make sure that you reflect what you desire from me – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Don’t misuse me sexually or abuse me verbally in order to support your insecurities or inferiority;  Please note, I don’t need you to surrender and try to remedy my pain by marrying me because we cannot cover our complex issues up with a prenupt. It is important for you to know that I don’t want to give up my total freedom or be too subservient. However, I love to give and I’m down to earth, but I also know my worth. So I want to rise up and collaborate and if my game is taking me to a higher level, I don’t want us to split up, but continue to team up or when the game gets challenging, I don’t want us to give up on each other, but build up one another. I don’t want to compete against you but compete with you!

Sometimes as women we may push you away, knowing in our hearts that we need you to stay – active in our lives and our children lives even if you feel like you are not good enough or when times get rough; Also, when you feel defeated, we know your value and realize that there is a prize that lies within you! It is vital as Queens to humble ourselves to this truth instead of being aloof; However, I am woman enough to say, “I am not all that my child needs”; I will say it again – I am woman enough to say, “I am not all that my child needs.” I know it takes both genders to help our children succeed. I believe men just have to stop running from or getting offended about the truth. Take it like a man, like we take it like a woman and let’s change our traditional point of views – letting go of the status quo; letting go of our egos! Allow our visions and dreams to reach new heights because you know we cannot elevate by constantly having “battle of the sexes” fights.

So let me share with you why it is urgent that we should unite and stand up for what is right. There are often too many women – grandmothers, wives, aunts, or mothers – who feel frustrated and angry because they sacrifice so much without receiving compassion from others. If she’s irresponsible or exhausted from raising a child, she’s committing a crime – Yet men often get away for being absent and irresponsible all the time.

For example, a man can be a father at his own convenience and finds comfort in knowing the mother will take care of his child or children. A husband can get upset and leave his wife with his children carelessly, sometimes use his career as a reason to be free from household responsibilities. An unmarried father can pretty much hide and figure out ways to express why he can’t provide. Consequently, women, wives, and mother figures play both parenting roles – at times putting their dreams on hold. When her circumstances are causing her a lot of stress, others may laugh and talk about her behind her back even when they see her trying to do her best. Yes, the woman who gives birth and sometimes loses her identity in order to be a “good mommy” or “supportive wife” – tries to remain balanced in order to maintain an abundant life.

She occasionally suffers silently because she cannot be spontaneous unless she has family, friends, or even her own children to help her order her steps. This woman is always trying to make a way out of no way by magically turning dark nights into brighter days. Although it’s hard to put or place herself first because while giving her best, she is sometimes treated the worst. Is this the reward she gets for her dedication and stewardship? I can guarantee you that this is not what She was seeking in a relationship. Sometimes She feels like She can’t win this political game yet you depend on her sacrificial leadership. Moreover, this champion of a woman is often leading the race, yet feeling like she is in last place in this globally competitive race. She even smiles and compete with a winning attitude, when those who are competing against her – are cheating her or forcing her to be subdued.

Now please do not misinterpret my expression as dishonoring or blaming men, who often have the flexibility to do what he wants, how he wants, and when  –  because of his role in his family or society. In fact, I support men and I write this message in order for us to acknowledge our truths, disappointments, and faults in order to support our equally created male counterparts.

However, as a woman, I believe that my dreams matter, my life matters, and my role is not to always to serve you with a platter. Although, I love to serve and it’s truly in my nature; I will serve you to a degree, but I need a major – So I can live my life’s purpose and be viewed by the world – for more than the curves that outline my surface.

I deeply desire for you to listen and consider my inner wisdom so we can both succeed –  Honoring both of our essential and evolving needs. So for what reasons can we celebrate women? Does she have to endure a traumatic experience for you to celebrate her? Do you celebrate her because of the many sacrifices she makes in order for you to be happy? Do you celebrate her because when you feel weak, she makes you feel strong? Do you celebrate her because she is right most of the time and you’re mainly wrong? (Just Joking, My Kings – Your Highness)

Do we celebrate her because she demonstrated her strength when she was mistreated – or the fact that she stood up to you because your competitive desires caused her to feel defeated. Sometimes it seems like we celebrate a woman for what she has overcome instead of celebrating her because She is a woman – not a weaker vessel or the half of your whole; Just someone for you to unconditionally love and to honor her soul.

It’s great to be celebrated, but we desire to be liberated and freed from the boundaries you set or your lustful love limitations. Today’s women globally are ready to get more involved in leading and shaping this nation. In fact, there was an important time in ancient history when women were honored as deities in the community – valued and praised for being spiritually wise and looked upon as a political prize. Even when she was feisty and dogmatic, she did not have to apologize for how passionate she was about life and how she wanted to serve. She was honored globally with the respect she deserved. She was known for fighting for love, respect, and unity; battling the enemy for her king, children, and the empowerment of Her society. More importantly, just the fact that she had the power to create life was a miraculous mystery. Even strong majestic men admired her powerful alchemy and she thoroughly enjoyed and adored their chivalry.

So what happened over time? Did mankind keep his ego, forgetting his humility? – with social influences conquering Her power, disrupting Her tranquility. Is She now at peace when we celebrate Her while She is constantly trying to break barriers, often feeling doomed? Does She feel like royalty or entrapped by society rules – when you often hinder her progress by waning her moon? She would much rather shine her light on the darkness we often bring toward one another or radiate rainbows of universal color – highlighting and complimenting each other.

However, we celebrate the centuries that she has endured in this world of MANipulation; Cheering as her royal rights were seized by war and defeated by his competition. She lost her rights because he did not want to be wrong. She became the weaker link because he wanted to be in the record books as the one who was strong. The more he wanted to be God, the less significant was Her position. Well, I believe now he should assist Her with becoming “more” respected as his new life’s mission.

So do we celebrate milestone events of the past out of guilt and for our lack of compassion?

As of late, we often hope that the Civil Rights Movement and Selma bridge the equality gap. We encourage women leaders to right wrongs when she often leads from the back. We’ve been chanting: “Black Lives and All Lives Matter, Yes Wives and Battered Girlfriends Matter”. So let’s continue to rebuild our nations with equal opportunities instead of being influenced by some of the biased media chatter; Allow our words to be actions or demand people in power to be accountable for their unjust reactions.

Let’s not forget, while we are on this movement, not to continue to kill or sabotage her children’s future so she can live a life without anxiety because She’d rather feel content knowing her children can safely contribute to society. In some countries, She can populate, but not participate. Some villages rather that She not have a voice, a vote, an education, or victory. Is this the way we want our society to dominate democracy? The media speaks out about her courage, strength, and her strides to make an upward bound, but lawmakers are shutting down the government when She stands her ground. Every political debate is based on control, territory, and money, but when She tries to intervene, others may judge her prolific thoughts as funny. So what about the serious topics such as celebrating her health and wealth. Maybe less gossiping or discouraging her when she stands up for herself.

The Great Mother, Wife, Sister, and Daughter – should be loved and respected. Her needs should not be ignored and her human rights should be eagerly protected. Do not compete and leave her behind; Respect her as an equal and allow her to shine;. Walk side by side with her until she can confidently lead the way. Watch her from the back ensuring nothing or no one gets in the way. Love her by empowering her to do her best. Revere her as a Queen; plan for her success. Protect her dreams, comfort her with your affection. Help her proudly with the heavy weight that she hauls; Carry her over life’s puddles and pick her up when she falls; Mentor and watch over her children – do not treat her sons and daughters as if they are bandits. Don’t forget to make sure you make her laugh until she can’t stand it! Then, at the end of the day, she should fall to her bed at night not feeling exhausted from what you didn’t do, but satisfied with how you treated her by standing up for her right – to experience being accomplished, a goal she often pursues!


Marian Serena                                                                                                                                    Compete With Purpose, LLC

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved, Marian S. Moore


Globally Competitive Woman Conclusion(7)

Wishing my global girlfriends a lifelong experience of liberation – Loving who you are as a daily celebration! Continue to journal your mental and emotional journey – writing your life’s story into history! Your thoughts, your voices, and your efforts matter! Thank you for all that you’ve done and will continue to do. May all of your hopes, aspirations, and dreams come true!

Read and Keep the Spirit of African American History Alive 365!

Yes, we “ALL” need to do better when it comes to studying our African American History! Sometimes we can be so busy seeking instant gratification that we do not invest the time to plan and organize initiatives that will educate and empower ourselves as well as our loved ones. How much time do we take to invest in educating ourselves? Why not give yourself an honorary degree of knowledge without being indebted by tuition! Pay yourself, first! Seek wisdom! So every day we should make an effort to travel through history, dig a little deeper into the hidden knowledge of our African ancestors in order to become liberated from ignorance. It is time to continue the movement that not only focuses on civil rights but bringing our traditional culture back! Stimulate your mental muscles with past, present, and future events by reading with discipline. Even watch a history video between paragraphs if you prefer; just EDUCATE yourself! As I often like to say, Study History and Make History!

Additionally, you will find that the further you go back into history; the Creator reminds us about how genetically superior we are. Then, as a result, you will be inspired to motivate everyone else to feel this winning spirit that our ancestors have implanted in us to rise the vibration of our nation now and forever! We need our ancestor’s spirit more than ever to reveal the truth and to free our spirits! More importantly, we should also study African “Herstory” and make “her” royal story known to our children, acknowledging the woman’s right to reign! Our past culture was magnificently structured to honor both the man and woman as divine leaders of civilization. Therefore, I believe that our generation needs to comprehend the duality concept in order to build a solid foundation for our future families!

So I encourage you all to feed your souls with the mystical knowledge of our ancestors! In fact, it’s never too late to start seeking the meaning of life and finding your soul’s purpose by studying ancient African history! This Information & Technology age digitally creates innovative ways to flood our minds with the nutrients that will keep us mentally healthy. Actually, mental health should be our main priority as a nation because we all know that our African American communities face a lot of mental illness and self destruction. However, I strongly believe that knowledge will unlock the chains of depression because reading feeds our imagination! Thus, we have to affirm every day that we have brilliant minds and we are undeniably talented! In fact, every day we should give ourselves gifts of knowledge, spending part of the day, learning and the rest of the day doing; constantly applying what we’ve learned or sharing knowledge to enlighten someone who is living in darkness. Learning about our true history inspires us to seek a deeper mission in life and develops the desire to leave a legacy like our ancestors did for all of us. Let’s intentionally celebrate our legacy daily and allow our ancient African legacy to compel us to refurbish our communities with a Revolutionary Renaissance!

Know Thyself and Your Wealth! It’s Time to Build a Wealth of Knowledge!

Last month, my blog focused on flipping the script on racism and this month, I just wanted to acknowledge four people that have flipped the script on racism in diverse ways:

  1. Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan – A revolutionary leader who provides his followers with ancient African traditions that have been lost through slavery and white supremacy. I was encouraged by a family member and a friend to watch his lectures. I recently began studying and listening to Dr. Ben in order to stay focus on my African Pride, building up my royal character as an African American woman. He acknowledges African women in high regard and honor Her as the Creator, Goddess, Leader, and Great Mother of civilization. I was so relieved after learning about my real heritage through Dr. Ben’s service to humanity. It gave me more motivation to fearlessly stand up for myself, my community, and our future legacy. It’s great to reclaim your culture and find ways to infuse it into your life with lasting traditions.

Article: He is also featured in the article, 10 Black Scholars Who Debunked Eurocentric Propaganda via Atlanta Black Star’s website.

Video Search: Please research his video presentations online and check out this video, “What Do You Tell Your Children?” published by The Black University’s YouTube Channel.

  1. Michelle Alexander – This awesome woman is enlightening the world about mass incarceration as a form of political racism through the War on Drugs, judicial system tactics, as well as, the structure of the government’s social services and labor market policies. I salute her courageous conversations about how this impacts the African American community and other racial groups. She continues to be socially responsible by informing the world about what people in power are benefitting from and how they are misusing their power in what we call the “justice” system. Thank you, Michelle Alexander, for using your legal profession as a catalyst to flip the political script as a civil rights activist!

Article: Telling My Son About Fugerson via The New York Times

Video: The New Jim Crow Lecture via The University of Chicago’s YouTube Channel


  1. Jane Elliot – This brilliant and bold woman’s diversity training is extremely racy, but she has such an emotional impact on all people. Sometimes we have to create opportunities for people to “role play” in order to help them to understand empathy or to learn through a dramatic experience. Ms. Elliot acknowledges that racism is a mental illness and a form of ignorance. In fact, I believe we need more women like Jane Elliot to stand up against white supremacy and racism, which has been institutionalized in almost every facet of government, the corporate world, and global communities. Ms. Elliot’s leadership approach is life changing for all people who participate in her class. I salute Jane Elliot for audaciously flipping the script on racism!

Video: Racism Experiment on Oprah via Huffington Post

Article: An Unfinished Crusade via PBS.org

  1. Dr. Umar Johnson – A dynamic and passionate public speaker who has taken his career from a school administrator and psychologist to an entrepreneurial pursuit to develop a school infrastructure that supports African American children’s personal and professional development. Please support his efforts to rebuild St. Paul’s College to eliminate the injustice toward African American children within our traditional school system. His goal is for his future academies to focus on African culture and implement an interdisciplinary approach to learning in order for students to have pride in their ability to become global leaders. Not to mention, become competent with the necessary life and career skills to rebuild their own communities. I learned so much from his lectures ranging from ancient African American history to solutions that can empower our African American community.

Video: UDC Forum: Academic Holocaust: War Against Black Youth?

In closing, it takes a great deal of bravery to discuss racism and the corrupt activities that have us all living in fear. However, if we want to reclaim our ancestors’ legacy, we have to learn about our ancient culture, the systematic efforts to destroy our culture through mental slavery, and how we can strategically make more progress! Although, currently it may feel like we are moving backwards with racial and social wars, let’s make sure that as an African American community – the only way we are moving backward is to trace our history so that we can move forward towards prosperity. Just understand that we are living in a life cycle so while you are experiencing this journey on earth now, make it one that will last until your spirit returns again! Then, when you have arrived once again, just pick up where you left off! No fear, my people! Please know that the power of God lives within you and the spirit of our ancestors forever flows! Now that last thought was inspired by the mystery of our ancient history! So from this day forth, I will try to provide ancient African as well as African American history to you all on my Facebook Fan Page. Keep the African Spirit Alive 365! Thanks for reading!

RA-SPECT the African American Woman’s Past & Presence/Presents

Now when you think about an African American woman
You cannot deny her passion and you cannot deny her teaching style
You cannot take away her success and you cannot ignore how she’s blessed
She has multiple talents in the liberal arts, sports, technology to politics, music, or biology
Not to mention, she can solve most of your problems with her intuitive child’s psychology
She can heal you with her words, discipline you with her systematic ways, put people first in politics, and bring joy into your frustrating days
She creates a caring culture with the rhythm of her emotions and keeps things steady during times of commotion
She is a teacher and leader who loves to see her people perform and do their best
These attributes or aptitudes of the African American woman cannot be demonstrated in a standardized test; Because her instruction has quality and her students’ personal outcomes reflect her success

She competes with compassion and can play the game well
And you can’t help but to hire her because her talent sells
However, you do not want her to win because you are too busy racing to the top
So from the bottom she applies her domestic abilities cleaning up your messes with her mental mop
She troubleshoots your mistakes and creates new possibilities with her powerful trait to innovate
Often on the front line fighting your battles not being recognized for her blood, sweat, or tears
She just watches others get all of the credit and honor throughout her hardworking years

Please note that the African American woman represents heroes and sheroes of strong ancient African empires and many sustainable nations
But you rather disrespect her in the media as a scandal, basketball wife, video vixen, or a just another ghetto fabulous sensation
You’ve capitalized off her children’s talents, from slavery to corporate greed but she will no longer allow you to defeat the culture she’s cultivated and recklessly throw away her seeds
You’ve brainwashed and mistreated her babies in the public school system making them feel like less than a person
Resulting in low self-esteem to support your socially structured slavery schemes, thus hindering some African Americans from reaching their personal dreams

NOW, we are going to get to the Common Core of this matter and my people will no longer live this corporate curse
Because you will RA-Spect the African American woman and her children as one of the best instead of the worst

It’s time for radical change in education and within political corporations
Because living like a 2nd class or no class citizen is no celebration
I’m not satisfied with the way things are
We’ve made progress, but the racial and social respect is not up to par
You think we are supposed to work with or for you and feel like a slave?
You think you can disrespect me as a person and I’m supposed to be well-behaved?
Just because I have a brown nose does not mean I am going to brown nose to advance my way through life
I rather blow the whistle on the people who deny me of my human rights
Until those people get tired of me fighting for my original birth rights
And RA-Spect my family and friends’ futures as if they are equally worth the fight

The only solution to this problem is that leaders treat people of color like they deserve the best and retrain their employees on the true measures of success!
I would like to ask people in power to RA-Spect the African American woman as a leader and RA-Spect her children as future leaders!
RA-Spect the true history behind education, which is my and your Ancient African History, the foundation of this global society.

“RA-SPECT the African American Woman’s Past (HerStory) and Presence (Her Existence) /Presents ( Her Children & Community)”

All Rights Reserved

What Makes “You” Endure?

I would describe endurance as stretching yourself as far as you can in order for everything that you’ve worked hard for to come back together again in harmony. Similar to when you stretch a rubber band and allow it to expand. When you stop stretching it, the rubber band is again at its normal state. It’s funny how everything comes together as if you were not stretched at all. However, if you stretch a rubber band too much, of course, it will break. As for spiritual people, we stretch ourselves daily and experience life at its breaking points, yet we still endure!

Endurance can, also, be compared to the term “elasticity” in economics defining how changes in supply and demand are relative to the pricing of goods and income of individuals.  Pricing of goods and services have shaped of our economy. For example, consumers compete with their peers and have stretched their pockets with expensive weddings, fancy cars, homes they may not can afford, the latest technologies and a celebrity-like wardrobe. Therefore, businesses are capitalizing on consumer’s emotional spending, giving some of them a false sense of purchasing power. On the other hand, as consumers we’ve even tricked businesses into thinking we can afford their goods and services which has affected their balance sheets. These examples are just a small fragment of what type of money manipulation strategies are used on a day-to-day basis by individuals and businesses that make it difficult for everyone to economically endure. For centuries, we’ve experienced inflation, deflation, economic booms, and watched economic bubbles burst. Individuals, businesses, and governments have endured recessions as well as depressions trying to achieve financial recovery along with economic prosperity. From pyramid schemes, predatory lending, embezzlement, debt ceilings, bankruptcy, economic wars, to colonizing central banking systems; we the human race, have fallen victim of the bulls and the bears of Wall Street, yet we still endure and want more!

Personally, we even can share a few stories about the relationships we’ve endured. For example, endurance can be a description of the patience that is applied while parenting when you allow your child chance after chance to follow your rules for success. Sometimes you may not see the results of your hard work as a parent immediately, but your endurance should give you some assurance that your child will become a responsible adult one day. We endure parenting obstacles just to witness our children become triumphant and productive citizens. Furthermore, relationships at home and work can take us to our peak or to an all time low, but for some reason we all decide everyday to get up and go – continuing to endure life’s journey!

Endurance can be applied to people, situations, and life events by experiencing a variety of personal and professional challenges. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in the past year or even the past hour? I have to be brutally honest, life challenges will make you want to give up, rethink your purpose, and walk away, right? Just think about how many people you wanted to give up on? How many circumstances you wanted to eliminate from your life? How many life events you wanted to quit because it seemed so unbearable? How many times you didn’t want to endure because you felt like you weren’t loved enough or treated fairly? Yes, we’ve all wanted to quit in the beginning, middle, or even when we were at the end of these situational events in our lives. However, commitment is the foundational factor that determines whether or not we will win each situation with endurance. Commitment will determine whether we are victims or victors of our daily challenges! Therefore, winning is not necessarily focused on coming in first, reaping rewards, or gaining recognition, but coming out of a situation better than you were at the beginning of the challenge. So what efforts are you making?

We can all agree that life can be extremely competitive so I wanted to share with you an excerpt from my workbook, “Can I Inspire You With My Imagination?”. This is the written conclusion from the first section entitled, The Human Race. Now this will be the last excerpt I will share publically because I have to leave some of the content in the book so you can support it. (smile)

“I believe the human race is all about everyone achieving together for one common purpose. However, the race, during our lifetime has become so materialistic, political, greedy, volatile, and immoral. Now based on my view of the human race and after watching the world around us, it appears that we are defeated on a global scale. It’s not easy hearing the truth about our current state, but the human race is at war spiritually, mentally, physically, fiscally, racially and socially. One simple word, “race”, represents multiple people that were originated by one power. If we were one race in the beginning of time, then why did we run away from our origin in the first place? I guess it’s the evil forces of being materialistic, political, greedy, volatile, and immoral. So how can we change the direction of the human race?

First, I would like to reflect on the human race by making a connection with running track and field. If you want to analyze the human race on a global scale, then let’s take our imaginations to the purpose of an Olympic runner. Typically, we have competitors running for different reasons. If I could put them in categories, some examples would be:

  • A few runners may be striving to come in first place,
  • Some are running just to make someone else happy,
  • Others are running to help their countries economy or reputation;
  • Believe it or not, there is one runner in the race who can actually win, but their purpose was to push others to do their best,
  • There is a runner, also, who is just content with running a faster time than his or her previous race. 

With that said, everyone has a different purpose and I hope that we all compete with purpose. However, we cannot run from the truth. The truth is that we are all on the same team. Team members compete, yet win when they collaborate. Team members succeed when the strong help the weak, when no one feels alone, and each individual is awakened by the powerful potential that is discovered during the human race. We all have what it takes to build an infrastructure that supports diverse learners, teachers, support staff, partners, and leaders. The education system needs this interdisciplinary approach that involves everyone’s input empowering and enlightening each other to exceed education’s traditional standardized competition. We must live on purpose, with a passion, which in turn, will provide education with a promising future!”

So I would like to conclude my blog with sharing 5 components that supports endurance, which happen to support education’s framework for 21st century skills. I believe each will help us all endure life’s challenges:

1. Commitment – Your commitment changes over time. You can be committed to yourself, a person, a cause, or a lifestyle. However, being committed to a service is extremely rewarding and it feels great to contribute to something that is greater than you! Here are a few questions about commitment: Are you committed to love because leading with compassion in your personal and professional life allows you to see others just as valuable as you? Are you committed to your health, family, community, economic empowerment, education, career, and the future generation? What ever category you choose to focus on, commitment helps you to endure because your efforts will not only assist your growth but others to improve along with you. Even if you do not feel up to it, a person who endures, will strive to stay connected to his or her goals, family, partners, employer, employees, clients, or community. So strive to be loyal!

2. Time – You have to be willing to put the time into personally and professionally developing. As a result, you will see yourself improve and become stronger based on the amount of hours you put into a particular task or cause. Therefore, sometimes you endure challenging times because you know that people are counting on you or people need you to be courageous on behalf of the community. So you begin to strategize with your time by maximizing it with exciting projects that keep you connected with your overall purpose. More importantly, not only is it productive to help others while being purposeful, but to make time for what is important to you personally so that you can be inspired everyday to stay on your path serving others during your life’s journey. Therefore, managing your time effectively helps you to endure because it develops your mental stability, discipline, strength, longevity, and creative spirit.

3. Adaptability – The first analogy that comes to mind about adaptability is how trees endure the changes of each season. Trees are the perfect example of endurance. They’ve endured countless years of rainy spring time weather, scorching summers, winter storms, and unexpected twisters. So if we individuals  take our minds off the seasons and focus on the outcome of our seasonal storms, we can welcome adversity more openly. Furthermore, if you observe trees, especially now during the fall, the most beautiful shades of success are on the leaves that endured the year. Simply put, when we endure the turbulent times that life presents to us, we have to stand firm like a tree and get to the root of the problem applying all that we’ve learned in order to survive life’s seasons. On a lighter note, after some of life’s extreme weather, just like the leaves in autumn, you may want to fall onto the ground and disappear during the winter. (laugh) However, adapting to changes is not the only option for endurance because you may want to consider creating seasons of your own. Just because it’s a cold winter or someone is treating you cold doesn’t mean you cannot bring the heat when it is necessary or demonstrate a warm and compassionate attitude when trying to adapt to people’s seasonable behavior. Lastly, adaptability helps with endurance because it allows you to become flexible to any situation, circumstances, or relationships. Sounds like a breeze, huh? (laugh again)

4. Relationships – There is a common saying that you can get far by yourself, but further with people supporting you along the way. A “supporting cast” who are willing to help you adapt to change and willing to take the time to assist you with what you are committed to accomplishing is the best feeling in the world. Sometimes you do not have to ask and people who believe in your vision or mission just fall into place just when you need them to. Thus, understanding that you cannot accomplish every goal by yourself is the humbling attitude which will allow you to achieve more than you could have imagine when your goal was just a bright idea. A relationship with an accountability partner or partners for each unique goal you have personally or professionally definitely helps with endurance and allows you to have longevity in the game of life! So with that said, everyone needs some relations every now and then. (look serious, now laugh out loud)

5. Self-Direction – Spending time with yourself, setting goals and mapping out the outcomes of each is necessary for enduring life. There are so many obstacles as well as adversity waiting to test you so if you do not have self-direction, you will have difficulty dealing with life’s challenges. Therefore, time in solitude – thinking, meditating, and envisioning what it is you want to accomplish is definitely necessary for ordering your steps. Even when you are in the midst of a problem or problems, solitude will give your inner voice a chance to encourage you to get to the finish line or create a new lane that will lead you to unexpected winning opportunities. So you may have to start off with small steps, experience several trials and errors, but your determination will cause you to stay on path towards your final destination. Thus, self-direction helps with your endurance when you are the only person that is left to ensure your life’s strategy is being carried out. So stay motivated and keep your eyes on the prize!

In closing, when you accomplish a goal, endurance calls you to continue to create new opportunities for yourself in order to become a stronger, wiser, more courageous, and a more successful person. It takes practice, perseverance, patience, passion, purpose, and inner peace to endure life’s journey! You have to push yourself even when your mind, body, and emotions are totally exhausted! Yes, my competitors, when you are experiencing the blood, sweat, tears, and fears; it is the spirit of endurance and the power of love that keeps you going!

So what makes you want get up and go? Is there something you are so passionate about that you are willing to commit to it for life through the peaks and valleys? Is there someone or something that is so inspiring that it will keep your thoughts racing throughout the day and your body moving from one task to another to accomplish your goals? What personal cause makes you want to get up and reach out to others each day spreading your winning spirit? What makes you want to initiate or become a part of a movement? There are several personal projects and social causes we can participate in for our own personal development. Now is the time to strategize how you want to build your lasting legacy. So I encourage you to go after your goals with commitment, time management, adaptability, solid relationships, and self-direction because the world needs your endurance!

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The Dark Queen Goddess Rises

We must redefine the power of our African QUEENS!!

SHE is not as angry, arrogant, or defiant as SHE seems
But just living a life of the oppressed African Queen
Oppressed African Queen, what a heartless scheme?
Is this the cost SHE has to pay for the American Dream?
Brought and bought by America to live her enslaver’s dream?
Indoctrinated by organized religion to control how she beams?
Born in the heart of Africa as a Victorious Queen –
But raised in America as Ruth with special orders to glean
Brainwashed by flooding her powers to dream –

However, if you allow her dream, SHE is like a time machine
SHE will travel time with her mind, press rewind
and fast forward with some powerful scenes –
Of “Prosperity” with less disparity in our communities
But the media keeps manipulating her divine frequencies
Her divine frequencies could change society,
Her divine business savvy could change industries,
Her divine synergy could change your community
But her oppressor keeps channeling her reality to TV;
Draining her natural esoteric energy

A Queen with the “Power of God” in her, but her oppressor wants to undress her and strip her of the naked truth
Which is the fact that SHE is the “Eve” in evolution and her
Mitochondrial DNA has the proof
However, she was forbidden to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge, then became the root of all evil
Or maybe the tree was a degree of her spiritual awareness and her oppressor wanted her to become more feeble
Gentleman, please share some of your political power with her because this interpretation of the divine Goddess is so medieval!
When she uses her free will, you think it’s considered a curse?
But she has the capacity to uplift humanity because SHE is the “Queen of the Earth”
SHE is the earth’s blessing giving birth to life lessons and nurturing
“New Bright Beginnings”
And when you witness the Queen exercise her free will, SHE is not sinning!
This Ethiopian Queen is just awakened and likes to live in
“Truth, Justice, and Righteousness”
But her enemy forced her to give up “The Throne of Self-love, Hope, and Happiness”
Her oppressor says her justice is against the law so that she will continue to live her life feeling like a flaw
Her adversaries would rather the “Queen to Bee” submissive to injustice, letting go of her “Divine Power of Peace”
To support competition, greed, conquest, and the mark of the beast
The oppressor, for generations, knows the Dark Queen Goddess potential
But does not want her to explore her metaphysical mental – “Capacity”
And to even acknowledge herself as a Queen, society thinks she has some audacity
So SHE remains behind the scenes being “The Help” to put others in the mainstream

 But did you know SHE was hidden from the public’s eye as being
“Worshipped as a Goddess for Centuries”
Then became a victim of manipulative sorcery that played with
“Her Pride and Dignity”
Unfortunately, it was her oppressor’s war strategy and vicious victory
Causing her to have mental and emotional battles throughout history
For centuries, SHE constantly cried out, “Why me? Why my family?”
“What is it about me that make you want to harass me and my community?”
“What a corrupt corporate catastrophe!”

Well, maybe it’s because this Great Mother is Godly
“The Creator of All Humanity”
A Nubian Queen, who once ruled and civilized society in antiquity
Her leadership was so inspiring that there were temple universities built
“to learn about her mysteries”
Then an opposing society takes credit for her long lasting legacy,
What a conspiracy?
To brainwash society with linear philosophies in order to phase out the
“Queen Goddess’s Royal Dynasties”.
Well, today, I declare this so-called reality has expired and it’s time for the Dark Queen Goddess to Rise and her oppressors to apologize and realize that –

“Your public rejection is the “Queen’s Resurrection” and
“The Queen’s Inner Peace” is her protection

So take note that once she meets darkness, no one can hold her down spiritually because she is out of reach cosmically and unstoppable mentally
Her resurrection is her protection and when she comes back to earth, she is ready to compete and teach more life lessons than you can Google search
Not to mention her personal testimonies that make you feel the
“Holy Spirit of Church!”

The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
For we are shifting our hearts to the paradigm of love, compassion, and peace
The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
Because that is the only way we can rid the world of all of its hate, competition, and the mark of the beast

So respect that SHE was the “first” to create a thriving civilization and you need her compassionate love to stabilize this nation
Therefore, be humble and witness as she magically correct all of your intentional mistakes
Then you’ll realize SHE is a divine gift to the world, who entered from the
“Heavenly Gates” –
As the original guardian angel guiding the world through the
dark ages of man-made technology
Who is willing to work alongside man encouraging him to embrace
“The New Conscious Society”
And with this woman’s touch, she will heal the world’s wounds of all its insanity
Healing one soul, one family, one community at a time to lift the “Spirit of Humanity”

 “Lifting Spirits”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Spreading the Light”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Shifting Consciousness”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Illuminating the Lost Souls”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Resurrecting the Fallen”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“The Fallen Angel” is now the Dark Queen Goddess Rising!

In closing, it was during the dark that I’ve found the light that was in me
In order to win, I had to defeat today society’s perception of me
I had to learn to love me inside and out in order for my spirit to
“Embrace a More Suitable Route”
My journey has been guided by my jargon and my life has been
“A Learning Lesson”
So I cannot be ashamed of my choices and worry about what people may think of me, which is unnecessary “stressin”
Sometimes people use their power to destroy your integrity and you have to affirm to yourself every day,
“I am not the person that they try to make me out to be!”

So chant with me, Queens and “Reclaim Your Identity”:

I AM a Queen Goddess!
I AM Divine!
I AM Intelligent!
I AM Gifted and Talented!
I AM Innovative!
I AM an Entrepreneur!
I AM a Teacher!
I AM a Priestess!
I AM Righteous!
I AM Harmony!
I AM Loving!
I AM Passionate!
I AM Christ Consciousness!
I AM in the Original Trinity – Mother, Father, and Child!
I AM the Law!
I AM the Law of Attraction!
I AM a Magnet!
I AM Mysterious!
I AM the Mother of Civilization!
I AM an Architect!
I AM a Healer!
I AM Intuitive!
I AM Inspiring!
I AM Melanin!
I AM the XX Chromosome, so X Y are you picking with me? Leave me alone.
I AM on an Empowerment journey!
I AM Laughter!
I AM Entertaining!
I AM a Story Teller!
I AM a Lyricist!
I AM a Communicator!
I AM a Liberator!
I AM Dramatic!
I AM a Winner!
I AM Self-Motivated!
I AM a Diva!
I AM the Beginning!
I AM the End!
I AM the Originator!
I AM a Creator!
I AM Life!
I AM Spiritual!
I AM Beautiful!
I AM Bipolar, when I need to be!
I AM Hilarious!
I AM Successful!
I AM Brilliant!
I AM on a Mission!
I AM a Warrior!
I AM a Leader!
I AM a Moor!
I AM a Moabite, but I don’t bite!
I AM a Stinger because I AM a Queen Bee!
I AM Demanding!
I AM Determined!
I AM Purposeful!
I AM a Miracle!
I AM a Miracle Worker!
I AM a Light Worker!
I AM the African Eve!
I AM Evolving!
I AM Maat!
I AM the Original Black Madonna!
I AM Isis!
I AM Queen Makeda!
I AM Hatshepsut!
I AM the Daughter of Ra!
I AM Auset!
I AM an Asset!
I AM a Treasure!
I AM Mother Nature!
I AM a Child of the Sun!
I AM the Universe!
I AM Multidimensional!
I AM the Moon!
I AM the Earth!
I AM Oxygen and a Breath of Fresh Air!
I AM a Bright Star, Siriusly! (Look up, Sirius)
I AM a Celebrity because I Celebrate Me!
I AM Audacious!
I AM a Lioness!
I AM Royalty!
I AM Powerful!
I AM Peace!
I AM Awakened!
I AM Who I Say I AM!
The Dark Queen Goddess  has Risen and I Love Who I AM!
Rise Up, Queens! Let Your Inner Light Guide You!

“Come to Our Neighborhood & Love My Neighbors”

“Love thy neighbor near or far, rich or poor. For the neighbor you chose to ignore, may be the one you will need to love you and your family even more.”

When I am out and about in my neighborhood, I observe children playing outside and when I focus on their interactions, I envision what could make their daily experiences better. I see so much potential and promise in their eyes as they try to create and plan out their own daily activities. Now that it is summer, I know that most parents are working and children are either being watched by their grandparents or some kids are watching themselves until their parents come home from work. Some parents are home with their children and may not know where to start if they had a bright idea that would help the families in their own communities.

Furthermore, in my neighborhood, I am sure that some parents may not be able to afford academic enriching camps for all of their children. Consequently, their children have to play outside most of the day or play with their video games, cell phones, tablets, and toys in order to keep themselves occupied. Some children if they are lucky, can go to the neighborhood pool or playground for entertainment. However, outside of the normal day of play, my eyes visualize much more profound experiences especially in the low and middle income neighborhoods.

So come to our neighborhood: corporate leaders, professionals, celebrities, and politicians. Love my neighbors and let me see you participate more and donate your time  as well as your resources to make each summer more memorable than the last for our children. Although, we just had our local elections, there is still more work to be done by our politicians. We don’t want to only see you during campaigning time, but during times of dire need for your compassionate community service! In fact, I believe the summer break is the best time to close the achievement gap with innovative programs that will encourage students to become more active participants during the school year. I recall seeing the excitement on my former students’ faces when they would share their experiences or when they could relate to the topics that we were discussing with their prior knowledge based on “an unforgettable experience”. So love my neighbors and provide them with learning experiences they will never forget!!

Moreover, in my neighborhood, I’ve received flyers in the mail from politicians, but not one knock on my door. Also, I’ve driven by signs in my neighborhood asking for my vote, however, no one has driven to my neighborhood in order to address my concerns as a voter. So please come to my neighborhood – walk with me, talk with me, and team up with me so we can create a new reality. Thus, I encourage those leaders, who really want to be a change agent and are not in this political race just for the popularity contest. However, I would love to see leaders spending more time and money on creating opportunities for “our children to be popular” for doing positive acts due to your political or social influence.

Additionally, I urge leaders to come to my neighborhood and survey our children about their dreams. Not survey their concerns in order to prepare a dynamite campaign speech, but to actually listen with the intentions of making their dreams a reality and priority, especially for children who live in single parent homes or for the grandmother who is raising her grand children on her own. I know for a fact that when you give children as well as families positive attention, they will welcome you into their lives; consequently they will be inspired to live a prosperous life because of the light you’ve shined on them. Thus, I welcome you to my neighborhood because we deserve prosperous lives too! Prosperity is not just an outward appearance, but a soul with purpose! Hence, it should be community members’ commitment to seek lost souls and assist them with discovering his or her soul’s purpose and mission on this earth! Therefore, love my neighbors and help them to empower their self-worth!

Now is the time for us to correct the wrongs of the people who designed our (low income and people of color) lives, to be socially and racially divided. We need to exchange our economic and political status as a main priority with more community cooperatives. Eliminating unjust capitalistic projects and allowing the so-called projects to become capital for the people who live there. Expand our neighborhoods from the inside, not eradicate their legacies with political inside agendas. We must replace greed with assisting those who are need. We must empower the powerless in order for our global society to succeed. We must allow every neighborhood be a part of creating its own mission so our global society as a whole will win with pride and dignity. My vision for our neighborhoods across America and the world is a unifying concept that all races, religions, and income levels can and will benefit from by working together as neighbors to plan purposeful prosperous outcomes.

One of my educational solutions for our neighborhoods is an annual mobile summer camp that will encompass mobile mentoring and experiential learning labs that will deliver career exposure and life skills to children in our local communities. This convenient community concept will initiate an innovative academic program that will bring local leaders, career camps, and enrichment activities to low and middle income neighborhoods. This, for sure, will help families develop the 21st century skills needed to create a safer, mentally conscious, productive, employable, and prosperous society. Here is an example of how this “prosperity plan” can and will work. Let’s use the traditional “marketing mix” in order to organize this mobile ministry.

1. Product/Service

This annual mobile summer camp campaign will provide real-world academic connections and career awareness for school-aged children with the assistance of corporations, local small businesses, professionals, college students, and community members. A mobile vehicle will transport learning tools, workshop lesson materials, technology, and interactive lessons accessible. The actual vehicle can also be managed as an outdoor laboratory. Weekly themes that include Reading, Writing, Performing Arts, Science and Math, as well as, Business Education and Financial Literacy will be provided. Can you imagine a Musical and Mathematic Monday? Music and math teachers as well as college students with majors related to the weekly academic themes to provide our children with college and career awareness. Also, the local school system could team up with the local Guitar Center and private businesses that will provide experiential instruction and materials to execute interactive lessons about music-related fractions, the symbolism in reading music, or the science of sound and harmony. Then, at the end of the week, the neighborhood could build a band, compose songs, and demonstrate what they’ve learned academically. Yes, there are camps like this available, but are they coming to our low to middle income neighborhoods providing an equal opportunity for academic and career success?

2. Place/Distribution         

This mobile summer camp service will conveniently visit neighborhoods in order to provide technology-based learning. Also, a large tent or mobile classroom trailer could be placed in a central location within walking distance of our local neighbors to offer hands-on experiential learning workshops. This could be an exciting exchange of information between teachers, local businesses, politicians, and families to identify as well as address the needs of the community. So all community members have to do is show up and that is the place and opportunity for distribution. Distribution is basically time, money, support, and resources to those who need it and when they need it! Once the locations are determined by each community, the opportunities are endless for children, parents, businesses, and the school system! I get excited just envisioning everyone involved! I believe this is what Common Core desires to be the outcome of our new education reform in the long run!

3. Promotion

The mobile vehicle will have signage that promotes this community collaboration. In addition, teen age volunteers can receive service learning hours or a scholarship based on marketing the services that will be offered to support this mobile summer camp initiative. Children in each neighborhood would have the chance to develop their leadership and presentation skills with their innovative ideas. Also, politicians and local businesses will have a direct marketing opportunity to strategically connect with families as well as brand their mission to the local community, which will be profitable for all that are involved!!

4. Pricing

The financing can be set up as a neighborhood mutual fund that will be opened at the community’s local credit union or bank. Each neighbor can donate an affordable amount monthly, quarterly, or annually to be pooled together in order to provide the weekly events, which will be matched by local businesses as well as politicians. Parents, children, and the local schools will have quarterly meetings to discuss the expenditures for the “prosperity program” and how it will be managed. I believe economically having everyone participate in their own personal and professional development is priceless which will offset the negative costs of a neighborhood that is not being supported! We cannot allow another summer to go by without bringing learning opportunities to our children as a part of our equity policy that will ensure educational justice for all! It’s time to integrate spirituality with politics in order for decisions to be enforced with moral judgment toward our promising children of “all” races and backgrounds!

Often in our society we witness people in political power playing the role of God and trying to control other people’s destiny. However, I believe that no one or social group have the right to control people’s lives because we are “one” human race with “equal” potential to make this world better collectively. Thus, separating the natural laws of humanity is breaking the divine laws of the universe. Therefore, we need divine order with the chaos that some of our children are experiencing or facing due to those who are negatively intervening with divine order. However, we cannot achieve divine order if we are not making efforts to help all children discover their true purpose in life. So allow the light of your love to shine on and shape our community by loving your neighbor as you love yourself. Home should be wherever you go and no child or family should be treated like they do not have the right to succeed or prosper!

In closing, this “prosperity program, which is a mobile mentoring and experiential learning lab will collectively involve community members, teachers who will collaborate with industry workers to provide both career and life lessons. I will be discussing more of these simple ideas and topics in my book that I would like to have published by 2015. Additionally, my book will cover three areas of change that I believe will impact our lives in the heart of education:

1. The Human Race – In the first section, I provide a motivational approach with acknowledging that “We are All Achievers” and how that belief system can close achievement gaps for our children within the school system. I further share that “we are achievers” as a human race when we do not see color, religion, gender, income, or circumstance as a measurement of success, but when we provide personal support for all individuals to develop their talents based on love and respect for their life’s purpose!

2. Corporate Communities – In this section, I focus on the business partner network that is necessary to not only fund academic programs, but provide the professional development needed for students and teachers to experience on-the-job training through school application projects, internships, and entrepreneurship opportunities. I, also, talk about hiring more non-traditional teachers and partnering with financial institutions to provide more academically-centered incentives, as well as, financial strategies to prepare for our children’s futures.

3. Unity – My focus in the last section is on team work, compassionate leadership, and spiritual connections that will encourage everyone to embrace diversity as a collective effort within the school system, corporate America, and the political system. Relating to one another, governing ourselves, and empowering one another in order to be an interdependent nation is how unity is defined in this section.

So until my book is available to the public, please continue to support my writing efforts by following my monthly blog at www.competewithpurpose.wordpress.com. Love, Peace, and Prosperity to All!