My Melody Will Manifest Miracles!

Happy National Poetry Month! Poetry has liberated so many people who have experienced oppression, depression, or those who have discovered their inner joy – celebrating life unconditionally through writing despite its challenges. Finding or seeking peace through poetry is a wonderful gift from God; it’s a true reflection of your heart – whether it’s been broken or in love. Poetry inspires people to creatively express themselves and live boldly! People identify with their authentic selves through poetry, spread wisdom through poetry, face fears through poetry, or connect with new communities through poetry. It literally can change the outcomes of your life experiences! You could win your future wife or husband with this language art, land a job with your jargon, win a settlement, or start a business with your lingo! Trust me because there is power in words!  Poetry is the power of persuasion and it’s so amazing! We constantly hear it in our music or in the media. It’s ever flowing through our minds and travels through our conversations all the time – that’s why we laugh when talking because we have the ability to finish each other sentences poetically! It’s  magic! It’s synchronicity! It’s therapy! What a beautiful gift to share – to uplift, to heal, and to be real! So I am celebrating the last day of National Poetry Month with a quick poem I wrote this morning. Please be inspired by love and spread your light all day today! Peace & Blessings to you!

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Dear 11:11, Will This Mystery Man Actualize?

In September of 2012, I met this businessman at a networking breakfast, but before I introduced myself to him, I heard him speak to an audience of local leaders. He was an African American man and was confidently delivering a message, a vision, and mission I could relate to. After teaching Business Education for about six years at that time, I was seeking new career opportunities and wanted to apply what I had learned to a broader audience. That was my purpose for  being there. So when this African American man was speaking, I was eating my breakfast. Now I had my back turned away from him because I was a little shy and was building up my courage as I was eating my scrambled eggs. 🙂 So when I finally turned around, he looked at me with his eyes wide open as curtains open on Broadway and I stared at him screening me. This was a very awkward moment for me. It felt like we were the only two people in the room. So today, I wonder if he had seen our lives flash before his very eyes?

“Did he know that we were going to have to endure the longest spiritual  war ever before uniting?

Did he realize that we were going to lose ourselves and gain new identities?

Did he understand that we were here on Earth to complete a powerful mission together for our ancestors?

Did he know that we were reflections of each other souls?

Did he know he had the capacity to touch my soul with his gentle gift of love?

Did he know he was going to bring out the best in me through my writing and music?

Did he know about my hidden talents?

Did he know that we used to dance among the stars before incarnating on Earth?

Did he know he would be my Poetic Justice and Love Jones within a blink of an eye?

Did he know I was going to test his faith, his religion, wicked wisdom, and courage?

Did he know at that very moment that I could be his life partner?

Did he know I would be the most loyal best friend he could have ever imagined?

Did he know I would have his back even if everyone around us hated the idea of us being together?

Did he realize our minds and energy would merge once our eyes locked?

Did he know we would be spiritually awakened yet living in a dream world?

Did he know our hearts and spirits could communicate telepathically?

Did he know we were the epitome of Black Magic?

Did he know we are here to heal the planet with our unconditional and mystical  love?

Did he know we were married to each other in a past life? Did he remember every scene?

Did he know we ruled the world together in ancient times?

Did he know that the here and now is ancient times?

Did he know that he is King Solomon and I am Queen Makeda?

Did he know he was my Pharaoh and I was his spiritual guide?

Did he realize we were a power couple who built nations from the love we had for our people?

Did he know I was his Twin Soul Sister, his Other Half, Guardian Angel, and Sweet Goddess of Love?

Did he know he was my hero and my inspiration?

Did he know he is perfect for me and my only son, who is fit to be a King, like Menelik?

Did he know if we’ve gotten this far, that we could go even further with faith and pure love?

I know on that beautiful day in September, I did not know my life would change as I walked away from only having one conversation with this intriguing soul. I wonder if he could have envisioned what we had to endure from that day forth, would he have let me walk away?”

Then, I cut my eyes at the other business people in the room and looked at him urging him to snap out of it; On that day, an innocent yet deep rooted glance had broken me into many complex pieces and today on 11/11/15, I ask the question: Will This Mystery Man Actualize?

“To all of my earth angels who have experienced the mysteries of the Twin Soul or Twin Flame phenomenon, continue to walk in peace and continue to make your soul’s content with a forgiving and understanding love!”

In closing, I guess it doesn’t matter if “we” (me and my mystery man) both know these miraculous things about our soul’s love; what matters are the people reading this – if they truly believe in love. If more of us just believe in true soul love and desire others to experience it without judgment; if more people would become vulnerable and take the chance on true happy relationships – no matter the race, social status, or religious belief! Just think how many of us would be in a fulfilling relationship if it wasn’t for people’s race, social status, opinions, or religious beliefs? #BlackLoveMatters #SpiritualUnionsMatter #UniversalLoveMatters #TrueLoveDoesNotHate #ThisMayorMayNotBeaTrueStory #ItDependsonWhatYourHeartandSoulBelieve

Infinite Love-2If you are interested in learning more about Twinflames and Twinsoul unions, here are a few, I mean a lot of resources. Some of you may not believe in this phenomenon and some videos may resonate with you. Have fun exploring the soul love journey!

My Future Husband Will Be Happily Married!

That’s a bold statement, but I am sticking to it! Because I’ve learned so much about me and I’m not afraid to stand by my future husband or my words. I’ve realized as a single woman, my future husband is not responsible for my happiness. I only can become the best me in order for him to be happy in our future marriage!

While I am single, I rather do the work before I play, then to play too fast and try to work on me after it’s too late. Now the work I speak of is not too hard, it just requires you to have an open mind and an understanding heart. For example, over the past three years, I’ve had to marry myself and discover my wealth. I had to date myself, question myself, lose myself, and find myself.

I had to fall in love with “all of me” – my imperfections, my insecurities, my passion, my purpose, my instability, my courage, my sensitivity, my negativity, and my positivity! Yes, I had to get all of “my”self together so I could be the “one” or the “whole person” my future husband’s heart deserves!

I had to learn and manipulate both my feminine and masculine energy – which are all of the emotions and ego trips that were ever flowing throughout me – seeking stability. Exploring both my tough and tender side trying to figure out when to be firm or practice humility. During challenging times, I had to find balance in every obstacle I had faced. I had to treat my adversities as learning opportunities, not allowing my soul to be misplaced. I believe a spouse cannot be happy with a woman who is not mentally or emotionally stable. She has to understand her inner wisdom and know that she is able – To be respected, protected, and loved!

So let me get to the point and tell you why, “My Future Husband” will be happily married …..

If he decides to be with me –

That’s exactly what he is getting – ME

Not the unsure me, uncomfortable me, unlovable me, or the unbearable me

He’s not getting a shameful single mother, but an example of how his children will be loved by this single woman, who is comfortable with her status!

Notably, he’s not getting my mother’s wounds or my sister’s disappointments!

He’s not going to be compared to my brothers or past guys I’ve dated!

I’m not going to treat him the way my mother treats or love my father!

I’m not going to be afraid that he is going to treat me how my father treats my mother or how my father does not treat my mother!

I’m not going to use my home girl’s experiences with her husband or ex-boyfriend to judge or measure my future husband’s character!

I will choose to love him only by the influence of “my heart”!

We, as a couple, will make a choice to be complementary to each other and not pressure each other to be anyone else but ourselves!

We will compromise and not over analyze!

We are going to choose to love each other and treat each other the way “we” decide to and it will be with pure and unconditional love –

We will comfort each other and naturally let our love flow

Because we chose to do the work necessary on ourselves prior to our marriage-

We left the pain and disappointments of other relationships behind!

We will not have senseless arguments and waste each others time!

Every second, minute, and hour will be filled with gratitude!

No bad attitudes, just royal servitude!

Yes, there will be challenges, but our communication will be clear, encouraging, and honest!

So there are no assumptions or feeling like we are in bondage

I will treat my husband as if there were no tomorrow –

Not a day that goes by that I want to end his day with sorrow!

I want to make sure I say and do without regrets-

Always treating him with love, honor, and respect!

Lastly, we will be so grateful to find each other because we’ve found our authentic selves in each other!

We will be family for life – not only lovers, but sister and brother!

Protect each other like the love of a “Mother or Father”!

My Future Husband will be my King and we will be married happily ever after because I’ve discovered my Inner Queen!

So my Future Royal King, “Let’s Reign Together Forever!”

My Heart Sings Once Every Blue Moon

On this blue full moon

I pray for a once in a lifetime phenomenon
A love that’s deeper than the sea
Wider than the cosmic galaxy
Brighter than the sun
A love that’s never done-
Spreading around because it wants to touch every one
The kind of love that makes you smile and stare into space
While sending telepathic messages to the one who holds that special place

May this moon be full of forgiveness and compassion
Letting go of the rhythm-less blues that held us back from “dancing”
I pray that this moon opens our arms, embracing pure love songs
holding on to every note that keeps us afloat while we fall in love & rise above

Knowing our souls were created “to dance” to a cosmic love song that was written in the stars – composed by constellations, and arranged by time that is perfect and divine – causing my heart sing – but only once every blue moon until I finally meet you

Once in a blue moon we have a chance to get what we’ve hoped for
I just simply hope – That I AM Your Blue Moon!!!

Happy Blue Moon

This Letter is History: To Celebrate or Liberate a Woman

 Updated February 28, 2016Globally Competitive Woman Intro(7)

Dear Wise Men,

I appreciate your existence and it feels great to know that you can assist with celebrating or liberating women; For the grandfathers, fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, boyfriends, and husbands who love, respect, and protect all women, thank you so much for your efforts! For those men who help raise children and take time to mentor them, please keep up the great work! Furthermore, I am truly grateful for men, who help fix what is broken, assemble what needs to be put together, clean up messes, or help carry the heavy loads for women and children! I Honor You! I value your time given to us! More importantly, to the spiritually and emotionally connected men who keep us grounded and balanced with words of Godly wisdom, may you and your lives be blessed with abundance! You are beautiful souls!

But there are a few concerns I have to share with some men across the world because now is the time to make some radical changes. We are currently living in a global and domestic war zone. So right now I do not feel at peace without sharing this candid message with you to remind you that “all” women should be celebrated or liberated more often and willingly. Women need love and attention, just like you – and I want to come to a fair consensus with you all! So please listen to my authentic thoughts:

As a woman, I often wonder if I want to be celebrated or simply liberated; As an appealing woman, I can be celebrated while simultaneously be denigrated; As a powerful woman, I can be given the right to be totally liberated yet feel segregated; As a woman without power, I can feel hated or eliminated. So can I be treated like or feel like an equal when compared to a man without a debate? Can I advance to the top or score a basket without doing a figure eight? Can I feel respected by men for my contributions to humanity? And when I demand respect, can my critics not interpret my words as being arrogant or judging my emotions as insanity?

I’m not asking you to be vindictive towards me, non-responsive, or treat me like I am out of my league. Nor do I want you to ignore my game, defame my name, or acknowledged by you as a woman who needs to be tamed. Celebrate me by liberating me, not competing with me or providing for me materialistically! You cannot buy my love, but I would love for you to buy into my mentality. Maybe you should try to think like a woman – tap into your feminine side; Be vulnerable and allow me to be your spiritual guide. Love me with loyalty; Be gentle and make sure that you reflect what you desire from me – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Don’t misuse me sexually or abuse me verbally in order to support your insecurities or inferiority;  Please note, I don’t need you to surrender and try to remedy my pain by marrying me because we cannot cover our complex issues up with a prenupt. It is important for you to know that I don’t want to give up my total freedom or be too subservient. However, I love to give and I’m down to earth, but I also know my worth. So I want to rise up and collaborate and if my game is taking me to a higher level, I don’t want us to split up, but continue to team up or when the game gets challenging, I don’t want us to give up on each other, but build up one another. I don’t want to compete against you but compete with you!

Sometimes as women we may push you away, knowing in our hearts that we need you to stay – active in our lives and our children lives even if you feel like you are not good enough or when times get rough; Also, when you feel defeated, we know your value and realize that there is a prize that lies within you! It is vital as Queens to humble ourselves to this truth instead of being aloof; However, I am woman enough to say, “I am not all that my child needs”; I will say it again – I am woman enough to say, “I am not all that my child needs.” I know it takes both genders to help our children succeed. I believe men just have to stop running from or getting offended about the truth. Take it like a man, like we take it like a woman and let’s change our traditional point of views – letting go of the status quo; letting go of our egos! Allow our visions and dreams to reach new heights because you know we cannot elevate by constantly having “battle of the sexes” fights.

So let me share with you why it is urgent that we should unite and stand up for what is right. There are often too many women – grandmothers, wives, aunts, or mothers – who feel frustrated and angry because they sacrifice so much without receiving compassion from others. If she’s irresponsible or exhausted from raising a child, she’s committing a crime – Yet men often get away for being absent and irresponsible all the time.

For example, a man can be a father at his own convenience and finds comfort in knowing the mother will take care of his child or children. A husband can get upset and leave his wife with his children carelessly, sometimes use his career as a reason to be free from household responsibilities. An unmarried father can pretty much hide and figure out ways to express why he can’t provide. Consequently, women, wives, and mother figures play both parenting roles – at times putting their dreams on hold. When her circumstances are causing her a lot of stress, others may laugh and talk about her behind her back even when they see her trying to do her best. Yes, the woman who gives birth and sometimes loses her identity in order to be a “good mommy” or “supportive wife” – tries to remain balanced in order to maintain an abundant life.

She occasionally suffers silently because she cannot be spontaneous unless she has family, friends, or even her own children to help her order her steps. This woman is always trying to make a way out of no way by magically turning dark nights into brighter days. Although it’s hard to put or place herself first because while giving her best, she is sometimes treated the worst. Is this the reward she gets for her dedication and stewardship? I can guarantee you that this is not what She was seeking in a relationship. Sometimes She feels like She can’t win this political game yet you depend on her sacrificial leadership. Moreover, this champion of a woman is often leading the race, yet feeling like she is in last place in this globally competitive race. She even smiles and compete with a winning attitude, when those who are competing against her – are cheating her or forcing her to be subdued.

Now please do not misinterpret my expression as dishonoring or blaming men, who often have the flexibility to do what he wants, how he wants, and when  –  because of his role in his family or society. In fact, I support men and I write this message in order for us to acknowledge our truths, disappointments, and faults in order to support our equally created male counterparts.

However, as a woman, I believe that my dreams matter, my life matters, and my role is not to always to serve you with a platter. Although, I love to serve and it’s truly in my nature; I will serve you to a degree, but I need a major – So I can live my life’s purpose and be viewed by the world – for more than the curves that outline my surface.

I deeply desire for you to listen and consider my inner wisdom so we can both succeed –  Honoring both of our essential and evolving needs. So for what reasons can we celebrate women? Does she have to endure a traumatic experience for you to celebrate her? Do you celebrate her because of the many sacrifices she makes in order for you to be happy? Do you celebrate her because when you feel weak, she makes you feel strong? Do you celebrate her because she is right most of the time and you’re mainly wrong? (Just Joking, My Kings – Your Highness)

Do we celebrate her because she demonstrated her strength when she was mistreated – or the fact that she stood up to you because your competitive desires caused her to feel defeated. Sometimes it seems like we celebrate a woman for what she has overcome instead of celebrating her because She is a woman – not a weaker vessel or the half of your whole; Just someone for you to unconditionally love and to honor her soul.

It’s great to be celebrated, but we desire to be liberated and freed from the boundaries you set or your lustful love limitations. Today’s women globally are ready to get more involved in leading and shaping this nation. In fact, there was an important time in ancient history when women were honored as deities in the community – valued and praised for being spiritually wise and looked upon as a political prize. Even when she was feisty and dogmatic, she did not have to apologize for how passionate she was about life and how she wanted to serve. She was honored globally with the respect she deserved. She was known for fighting for love, respect, and unity; battling the enemy for her king, children, and the empowerment of Her society. More importantly, just the fact that she had the power to create life was a miraculous mystery. Even strong majestic men admired her powerful alchemy and she thoroughly enjoyed and adored their chivalry.

So what happened over time? Did mankind keep his ego, forgetting his humility? – with social influences conquering Her power, disrupting Her tranquility. Is She now at peace when we celebrate Her while She is constantly trying to break barriers, often feeling doomed? Does She feel like royalty or entrapped by society rules – when you often hinder her progress by waning her moon? She would much rather shine her light on the darkness we often bring toward one another or radiate rainbows of universal color – highlighting and complimenting each other.

However, we celebrate the centuries that she has endured in this world of MANipulation; Cheering as her royal rights were seized by war and defeated by his competition. She lost her rights because he did not want to be wrong. She became the weaker link because he wanted to be in the record books as the one who was strong. The more he wanted to be God, the less significant was Her position. Well, I believe now he should assist Her with becoming “more” respected as his new life’s mission.

So do we celebrate milestone events of the past out of guilt and for our lack of compassion?

As of late, we often hope that the Civil Rights Movement and Selma bridge the equality gap. We encourage women leaders to right wrongs when she often leads from the back. We’ve been chanting: “Black Lives and All Lives Matter, Yes Wives and Battered Girlfriends Matter”. So let’s continue to rebuild our nations with equal opportunities instead of being influenced by some of the biased media chatter; Allow our words to be actions or demand people in power to be accountable for their unjust reactions.

Let’s not forget, while we are on this movement, not to continue to kill or sabotage her children’s future so she can live a life without anxiety because She’d rather feel content knowing her children can safely contribute to society. In some countries, She can populate, but not participate. Some villages rather that She not have a voice, a vote, an education, or victory. Is this the way we want our society to dominate democracy? The media speaks out about her courage, strength, and her strides to make an upward bound, but lawmakers are shutting down the government when She stands her ground. Every political debate is based on control, territory, and money, but when She tries to intervene, others may judge her prolific thoughts as funny. So what about the serious topics such as celebrating her health and wealth. Maybe less gossiping or discouraging her when she stands up for herself.

The Great Mother, Wife, Sister, and Daughter – should be loved and respected. Her needs should not be ignored and her human rights should be eagerly protected. Do not compete and leave her behind; Respect her as an equal and allow her to shine;. Walk side by side with her until she can confidently lead the way. Watch her from the back ensuring nothing or no one gets in the way. Love her by empowering her to do her best. Revere her as a Queen; plan for her success. Protect her dreams, comfort her with your affection. Help her proudly with the heavy weight that she hauls; Carry her over life’s puddles and pick her up when she falls; Mentor and watch over her children – do not treat her sons and daughters as if they are bandits. Don’t forget to make sure you make her laugh until she can’t stand it! Then, at the end of the day, she should fall to her bed at night not feeling exhausted from what you didn’t do, but satisfied with how you treated her by standing up for her right – to experience being accomplished, a goal she often pursues!


Marian Serena                                                                                                                                    Compete With Purpose, LLC

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved, Marian S. Moore


Globally Competitive Woman Conclusion(7)

Wishing my global girlfriends a lifelong experience of liberation – Loving who you are as a daily celebration! Continue to journal your mental and emotional journey – writing your life’s story into history! Your thoughts, your voices, and your efforts matter! Thank you for all that you’ve done and will continue to do. May all of your hopes, aspirations, and dreams come true!

RA-SPECT the African American Woman’s Past & Presence/Presents

Now when you think about an African American woman
You cannot deny her passion and you cannot deny her teaching style
You cannot take away her success and you cannot ignore how she’s blessed
She has multiple talents in the liberal arts, sports, technology to politics, music, or biology
Not to mention, she can solve most of your problems with her intuitive child’s psychology
She can heal you with her words, discipline you with her systematic ways, put people first in politics, and bring joy into your frustrating days
She creates a caring culture with the rhythm of her emotions and keeps things steady during times of commotion
She is a teacher and leader who loves to see her people perform and do their best
These attributes or aptitudes of the African American woman cannot be demonstrated in a standardized test; Because her instruction has quality and her students’ personal outcomes reflect her success

She competes with compassion and can play the game well
And you can’t help but to hire her because her talent sells
However, you do not want her to win because you are too busy racing to the top
So from the bottom she applies her domestic abilities cleaning up your messes with her mental mop
She troubleshoots your mistakes and creates new possibilities with her powerful trait to innovate
Often on the front line fighting your battles not being recognized for her blood, sweat, or tears
She just watches others get all of the credit and honor throughout her hardworking years

Please note that the African American woman represents heroes and sheroes of strong ancient African empires and many sustainable nations
But you rather disrespect her in the media as a scandal, basketball wife, video vixen, or a just another ghetto fabulous sensation
You’ve capitalized off her children’s talents, from slavery to corporate greed but she will no longer allow you to defeat the culture she’s cultivated and recklessly throw away her seeds
You’ve brainwashed and mistreated her babies in the public school system making them feel like less than a person
Resulting in low self-esteem to support your socially structured slavery schemes, thus hindering some African Americans from reaching their personal dreams

NOW, we are going to get to the Common Core of this matter and my people will no longer live this corporate curse
Because you will RA-Spect the African American woman and her children as one of the best instead of the worst

It’s time for radical change in education and within political corporations
Because living like a 2nd class or no class citizen is no celebration
I’m not satisfied with the way things are
We’ve made progress, but the racial and social respect is not up to par
You think we are supposed to work with or for you and feel like a slave?
You think you can disrespect me as a person and I’m supposed to be well-behaved?
Just because I have a brown nose does not mean I am going to brown nose to advance my way through life
I rather blow the whistle on the people who deny me of my human rights
Until those people get tired of me fighting for my original birth rights
And RA-Spect my family and friends’ futures as if they are equally worth the fight

The only solution to this problem is that leaders treat people of color like they deserve the best and retrain their employees on the true measures of success!
I would like to ask people in power to RA-Spect the African American woman as a leader and RA-Spect her children as future leaders!
RA-Spect the true history behind education, which is my and your Ancient African History, the foundation of this global society.

“RA-SPECT the African American Woman’s Past (HerStory) and Presence (Her Existence) /Presents ( Her Children & Community)”

All Rights Reserved

The Dark Queen Goddess Rises

We must redefine the power of our African QUEENS!!

SHE is not as angry, arrogant, or defiant as SHE seems
But just living a life of the oppressed African Queen
Oppressed African Queen, what a heartless scheme?
Is this the cost SHE has to pay for the American Dream?
Brought and bought by America to live her enslaver’s dream?
Indoctrinated by organized religion to control how she beams?
Born in the heart of Africa as a Victorious Queen –
But raised in America as Ruth with special orders to glean
Brainwashed by flooding her powers to dream –

However, if you allow her dream, SHE is like a time machine
SHE will travel time with her mind, press rewind
and fast forward with some powerful scenes –
Of “Prosperity” with less disparity in our communities
But the media keeps manipulating her divine frequencies
Her divine frequencies could change society,
Her divine business savvy could change industries,
Her divine synergy could change your community
But her oppressor keeps channeling her reality to TV;
Draining her natural esoteric energy

A Queen with the “Power of God” in her, but her oppressor wants to undress her and strip her of the naked truth
Which is the fact that SHE is the “Eve” in evolution and her
Mitochondrial DNA has the proof
However, she was forbidden to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge, then became the root of all evil
Or maybe the tree was a degree of her spiritual awareness and her oppressor wanted her to become more feeble
Gentleman, please share some of your political power with her because this interpretation of the divine Goddess is so medieval!
When she uses her free will, you think it’s considered a curse?
But she has the capacity to uplift humanity because SHE is the “Queen of the Earth”
SHE is the earth’s blessing giving birth to life lessons and nurturing
“New Bright Beginnings”
And when you witness the Queen exercise her free will, SHE is not sinning!
This Ethiopian Queen is just awakened and likes to live in
“Truth, Justice, and Righteousness”
But her enemy forced her to give up “The Throne of Self-love, Hope, and Happiness”
Her oppressor says her justice is against the law so that she will continue to live her life feeling like a flaw
Her adversaries would rather the “Queen to Bee” submissive to injustice, letting go of her “Divine Power of Peace”
To support competition, greed, conquest, and the mark of the beast
The oppressor, for generations, knows the Dark Queen Goddess potential
But does not want her to explore her metaphysical mental – “Capacity”
And to even acknowledge herself as a Queen, society thinks she has some audacity
So SHE remains behind the scenes being “The Help” to put others in the mainstream

 But did you know SHE was hidden from the public’s eye as being
“Worshipped as a Goddess for Centuries”
Then became a victim of manipulative sorcery that played with
“Her Pride and Dignity”
Unfortunately, it was her oppressor’s war strategy and vicious victory
Causing her to have mental and emotional battles throughout history
For centuries, SHE constantly cried out, “Why me? Why my family?”
“What is it about me that make you want to harass me and my community?”
“What a corrupt corporate catastrophe!”

Well, maybe it’s because this Great Mother is Godly
“The Creator of All Humanity”
A Nubian Queen, who once ruled and civilized society in antiquity
Her leadership was so inspiring that there were temple universities built
“to learn about her mysteries”
Then an opposing society takes credit for her long lasting legacy,
What a conspiracy?
To brainwash society with linear philosophies in order to phase out the
“Queen Goddess’s Royal Dynasties”.
Well, today, I declare this so-called reality has expired and it’s time for the Dark Queen Goddess to Rise and her oppressors to apologize and realize that –

“Your public rejection is the “Queen’s Resurrection” and
“The Queen’s Inner Peace” is her protection

So take note that once she meets darkness, no one can hold her down spiritually because she is out of reach cosmically and unstoppable mentally
Her resurrection is her protection and when she comes back to earth, she is ready to compete and teach more life lessons than you can Google search
Not to mention her personal testimonies that make you feel the
“Holy Spirit of Church!”

The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
For we are shifting our hearts to the paradigm of love, compassion, and peace
The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
Because that is the only way we can rid the world of all of its hate, competition, and the mark of the beast

So respect that SHE was the “first” to create a thriving civilization and you need her compassionate love to stabilize this nation
Therefore, be humble and witness as she magically correct all of your intentional mistakes
Then you’ll realize SHE is a divine gift to the world, who entered from the
“Heavenly Gates” –
As the original guardian angel guiding the world through the
dark ages of man-made technology
Who is willing to work alongside man encouraging him to embrace
“The New Conscious Society”
And with this woman’s touch, she will heal the world’s wounds of all its insanity
Healing one soul, one family, one community at a time to lift the “Spirit of Humanity”

 “Lifting Spirits”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Spreading the Light”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Shifting Consciousness”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Illuminating the Lost Souls”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Resurrecting the Fallen”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“The Fallen Angel” is now the Dark Queen Goddess Rising!

In closing, it was during the dark that I’ve found the light that was in me
In order to win, I had to defeat today society’s perception of me
I had to learn to love me inside and out in order for my spirit to
“Embrace a More Suitable Route”
My journey has been guided by my jargon and my life has been
“A Learning Lesson”
So I cannot be ashamed of my choices and worry about what people may think of me, which is unnecessary “stressin”
Sometimes people use their power to destroy your integrity and you have to affirm to yourself every day,
“I am not the person that they try to make me out to be!”

So chant with me, Queens and “Reclaim Your Identity”:

I AM a Queen Goddess!
I AM Divine!
I AM Intelligent!
I AM Gifted and Talented!
I AM Innovative!
I AM an Entrepreneur!
I AM a Teacher!
I AM a Priestess!
I AM Righteous!
I AM Harmony!
I AM Loving!
I AM Passionate!
I AM Christ Consciousness!
I AM in the Original Trinity – Mother, Father, and Child!
I AM the Law!
I AM the Law of Attraction!
I AM a Magnet!
I AM Mysterious!
I AM the Mother of Civilization!
I AM an Architect!
I AM a Healer!
I AM Intuitive!
I AM Inspiring!
I AM Melanin!
I AM the XX Chromosome, so X Y are you picking with me? Leave me alone.
I AM on an Empowerment journey!
I AM Laughter!
I AM Entertaining!
I AM a Story Teller!
I AM a Lyricist!
I AM a Communicator!
I AM a Liberator!
I AM Dramatic!
I AM a Winner!
I AM Self-Motivated!
I AM a Diva!
I AM the Beginning!
I AM the End!
I AM the Originator!
I AM a Creator!
I AM Life!
I AM Spiritual!
I AM Beautiful!
I AM Bipolar, when I need to be!
I AM Hilarious!
I AM Successful!
I AM Brilliant!
I AM on a Mission!
I AM a Warrior!
I AM a Leader!
I AM a Moor!
I AM a Moabite, but I don’t bite!
I AM a Stinger because I AM a Queen Bee!
I AM Demanding!
I AM Determined!
I AM Purposeful!
I AM a Miracle!
I AM a Miracle Worker!
I AM a Light Worker!
I AM the African Eve!
I AM Evolving!
I AM Maat!
I AM the Original Black Madonna!
I AM Isis!
I AM Queen Makeda!
I AM Hatshepsut!
I AM the Daughter of Ra!
I AM Auset!
I AM an Asset!
I AM a Treasure!
I AM Mother Nature!
I AM a Child of the Sun!
I AM the Universe!
I AM Multidimensional!
I AM the Moon!
I AM the Earth!
I AM Oxygen and a Breath of Fresh Air!
I AM a Bright Star, Siriusly! (Look up, Sirius)
I AM a Celebrity because I Celebrate Me!
I AM Audacious!
I AM a Lioness!
I AM Royalty!
I AM Powerful!
I AM Peace!
I AM Awakened!
I AM Who I Say I AM!
The Dark Queen Goddess  has Risen and I Love Who I AM!
Rise Up, Queens! Let Your Inner Light Guide You!

Still I Will Write!

This is my tribute to Maya Angelou. I definitely can relate to her because I used writing as a tool to rise above adversity this past year so here is a very long and passionate poem that I wrote inspired by the poem, “Still I Rise”.

I may go down in history with you disagreeing with me
You may not admire my adamant ways and the way I behave
But please know that your views aren’t always true or right
So I stroke a key for you and me — And still I will write

Do my beliefs and opinions offend you?
Are you tired of hearing the truth or listening to my mystical imagination?
Well, it’s my obligation and privilege to share with the nation
My energetic, poetic, and uplifting conversation
For the sake of those who need motivation
So still I will purposefully write

Just like the tidal waves in the ocean — flow
I like to let my thoughts evolve and — grow
Just like my favorite quote from Maya Angelou –
“You can’t use up creativity: The more you use, the more you have”
So still I will write with creativity in order to have some mental flexibility

Do you not want me to have a voice?
Just live life without my own conscious choice
I guess you rather me be docile and submissive to you
Not have a counterargument or a personal point of view?
Well, my tenacious tongue I must bite because I will continue to write with all of my might

Furthermore, does my composing confidence intimidate you?
I bet you think I need to find another venue
To express my therapeutic and competitive thoughts
But wait a minute — Everyone needs someone to touch his or her heart
So I unapologetically will share my sagacious speeches hoping it reaches and teaches
The most powerful people who think they may know it all —
To become humble and listen to my mouth rumble

Maybe some of you feel like I am invading your space and you may feel a little territorial
Because I decided to share my ideas with you and express my evolving editorial
I don’t apologize for that because my ideas are meant to empower your mental
And my mission is to continue to push you so that you will meet your true potential
No, I’m not sorry and I’m not giving up on you —
Just because you have an opposing point of view

Furthermore, if I don’t write my thoughts, then I give others the consent to stage my life for me
And I don’t want to be anyone’s fictional character or political puppet — known as “My Legacy”
I rather forge new ground and build infinite possibilities
For every race and especially the African American community

Why? Because you plot to kill my African Kings holding them back from living like royal beings
You exploit my African Queens in the media and magazines so you can live out your “filthy rich” dreams
Then, capture and kill our African children for ransom to support your pyramid schemes

So in defense to your cowardice ways, the writing is on the wall
And my African ancestors were the first ones to have the world in awe
Of their energetic pyramids that scripted powerful prophecies
Spreading to the world our amazing history
That proved globally our genetic genius and our inner mysteries
Exceed any man-made degree because our true knowledge is 360 degrees

So as much as you try, you can’t erase indigenous ink with a pencil’s eraser
Because we, Africans, are righteous in nature — Resilient and dream chasers
You can’t take away the original stars that shine so bright
Nor can you take credit even if we were out of sight
But I will say we are “out of sight” and “out of mind”
Because we were spiritually here since the beginning of time
And you better believe that the universe will dance to that rhyme
Thus, make a mental note that you can’t make a “carbon” copy of the original elements
Or continue your war against us with your intentional arrested developments
So for my ancestors who legacy was stolen, still like a warrior, I will write

Still I will write, when I wake up inspired by the events yesterday that made me so exhausted
Still I will write, so I can fight the evildoers with my words
And bring out the good that life deserves
Still I will write passionately even when you judge
With hopes that my loving and urging thoughts will give you a nudge
Still I will write wishing that you will find solace through my soul’s cry
And find the spiritual light that you need within to shine
To empower yourself as well as others to use and free their minds

You may roll your eyes toward your head as my prosing paragraphs drown your news feed
But I will continue to type because I know in my heart my words of encouragement is what you need
I’m not forcing you to admit it and I promise you — I won’t quit it
Because I was designed to use the art of language
To motivate the lost and anguish
So I will continue to willingly write — For You!

After years of keeping your thoughts trapped in, it’s hard to embrace life’s parts of speech
But you must let go and use every thought to guide you with each goal you desire to reach
Not to mention the people around you who you could possibly teach —
So you can rhyme with reason, be hip with your hop, let your soul sing, and challenge your freedom to ring
I know it’s hard to be verbally open when the door has been closed on you so many times,
But that does not mean your inner voice should not chime — in
When you have an opinion or a cause to effect because freedom of speech gives you power and respect

So still I will write, when everyone has their own criticizing opinion of me
And have this conforming idea of how I should be
Still I write to combat those who are unjust to me
And those who are unfair to my community
Still I write — To defend myself
So everyone will understand and value my wealth
Still I will write when people have an unappealing view of me
I simply ignore, explore, and continue to express my inner beauty

I give all credit to my divine mother, Marian Cole Moore, for genetically giving me this gift to write
So that one day as a woman, I would discover its precious presence/presents in my life
I didn’t realize that poetry could be the ammunition that would help me fight my plight
Or the rhythmic representation of my dreams wrapped in my thoughts that could literally hold me tight

In closing, no matter what adversity comes my way, my jargon journey will always brighten my day and I pray that it gives everyone who reads my words a reason to say after a challenging day, Still I Rise!


Maya Angelou

Spoken Word: My Philosophy on Common Core

My Philosophy on Common Core, You See ….. is there’s diversity in people’s mentality; Just because we are different doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference together and impact our current reality. We all have the same promise and potential at the “core” of our being, but we allow ourselves to be blinded by what others are not seeing.

When we can move forward as a human race and accept that we have one mind, one conscious, and one heart in “common” desiring to be globally connected, this will conquer our past fears. Then, we will be able to advance together with unlimited possibility for our futures created by the courage to love and to love with humility. For example, if someone thinks differently, they should not be looked down upon by their community. Everyone should empathize and realize that each person has a prize that lies in between their eyes. So if citizens are given a fair chance to think independently, then leaders will be able to work with them interdependently solving society’s problems in unity. See, being different makes a difference and being the same ignores unclaimed fame. So if we want to be globally competitive then we need to have a new collaborative attitude in order to put the status quo to shame.

As for education, I believe Common Core supports empirical lessons that propel all teachers and students to learn. Not judging a book by its cover, but binding revolutionary ideas together and encouraging historical pages to turn. No prejudice, just productivity because it’s unconstitutional to take away someone’s liberty. The law of liberty represents the creative freedom that got us this far as a nation. So if we make some exceptions to the rigid classroom rules in order for everyone to pursue happiness and intelligence, then this will help raise participation and make learning relevant.

Common Core, also, seems to support that there’s no right or wrong way of solving problems. It acknowledges that strengths and weaknesses do exist. Yet, collaboration will take everyone individually to a higher realm of learning without perceiving each other as weak or strong but a part of a whole or a route to a destination. This experience and way of delivering content will determine the journey that the student desires and aspires to take, eliminating some of the traditional instruction that most students hate.

Furthermore, if the path to an answer was not what the teacher requested, the student should not be viewed as wrong, less brilliant, not coachable, or graded as unacceptable. We have to make sure as coaches that lessons are flexible and students have some autonomy over what they desire to learn. So the result of this “unconventional lesson” is that the student’s learning preference influences the “teacher’s instructional concerns” which will guarantee that students will behave just because they know their teacher will lead the next generation towards the pathway of success that they’ve helped to pave. This type of achievement, as well as, collaboration can not be done without allowing students to choose and demonstrate the best practices that they’ve learned in the coaching process. Allowing the student to communicate and initiate learning is a part of their academic success, not to mention, it takes away from the teacher’s lesson planning stress.

So I’ve learned that there’s no “one way street” to compete during the learning process and if you judge the learners as being wrong then they will be eager to cheat. Therefore, I believe the solution is for teachers to begin with guidelines and structure, but they should provide options or pathways for the student to redefine, discover, innovate, and manipulate new guidelines and structure to the lesson; that’s performance assessments at its best – allowing students to create innovative learning outcomes! I define this journey of scholarship as the Great Compromise or the Great Improvise of a 21st century teacher.

In closing, my philosophy is that when you break the words, Common Core down you’ll see, “common” reflects community and “core” is individuality. The core is the center of our individual uniqueness. The application of our unique learning abilities will impact our community with a flourishing economy. So let’s support Common Core because of the unknown possibilities. I know it’s hard to believe and see since we live in such a divided society. Leaving the traditional education system behind, along with its social and racial entitlement is a radical change to make. However, our new education reform is worth the risk to take because its rewards are embracing diversity, innovation, technology, even spirituality and our dreams as our new reality. Establishing a universal law of educational standards and not judging nonconformity helps us all to become whole because what makes us different has its similarities through the law of duality which means “everything has a complementary opposite within the whole”. So striving for emotional balance and harmonizing our thoughts is connecting to the “core of self” and in turn builds a society that promotes “common wealth”. That’s my philosophy on Common Core, you see? I hope you were able to visualize my thoughts with me!