My Melody Will Manifest Miracles!

Happy National Poetry Month! Poetry has liberated so many people who have experienced oppression, depression, or those who have discovered their inner joy – celebrating life unconditionally through writing despite its challenges. Finding or seeking peace through poetry is a wonderful gift from God; it’s a true reflection of your heart – whether it’s been broken or in love. Poetry inspires people to creatively express themselves and live boldly! People identify with their authentic selves through poetry, spread wisdom through poetry, face fears through poetry, or connect with new communities through poetry. It literally can change the outcomes of your life experiences! You could win your future wife or husband with this language art, land a job with your jargon, win a settlement, or start a business with your lingo! Trust me because there is power in words!  Poetry is the power of persuasion and it’s so amazing! We constantly hear it in our music or in the media. It’s ever flowing through our minds and travels through our conversations all the time – that’s why we laugh when talking because we have the ability to finish each other sentences poetically! It’s  magic! It’s synchronicity! It’s therapy! What a beautiful gift to share – to uplift, to heal, and to be real! So I am celebrating the last day of National Poetry Month with a quick poem I wrote this morning. Please be inspired by love and spread your light all day today! Peace & Blessings to you!

My Melody Will Manifest Miracles.png


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