Dear 11:11, Will This Mystery Man Actualize?

In September of 2012, I met this businessman at a networking breakfast, but before I introduced myself to him, I heard him speak to an audience of local leaders. He was an African American man and was confidently delivering a message, a vision, and mission I could relate to. After teaching Business Education for about six years at that time, I was seeking new career opportunities and wanted to apply what I had learned to a broader audience. That was my purpose for  being there. So when this African American man was speaking, I was eating my breakfast. Now I had my back turned away from him because I was a little shy and was building up my courage as I was eating my scrambled eggs. 🙂 So when I finally turned around, he looked at me with his eyes wide open as curtains open on Broadway and I stared at him screening me. This was a very awkward moment for me. It felt like we were the only two people in the room. So today, I wonder if he had seen our lives flash before his very eyes?

“Did he know that we were going to have to endure the longest spiritual  war ever before uniting?

Did he realize that we were going to lose ourselves and gain new identities?

Did he understand that we were here on Earth to complete a powerful mission together for our ancestors?

Did he know that we were reflections of each other souls?

Did he know he had the capacity to touch my soul with his gentle gift of love?

Did he know he was going to bring out the best in me through my writing and music?

Did he know about my hidden talents?

Did he know that we used to dance among the stars before incarnating on Earth?

Did he know he would be my Poetic Justice and Love Jones within a blink of an eye?

Did he know I was going to test his faith, his religion, wicked wisdom, and courage?

Did he know at that very moment that I could be his life partner?

Did he know I would be the most loyal best friend he could have ever imagined?

Did he know I would have his back even if everyone around us hated the idea of us being together?

Did he realize our minds and energy would merge once our eyes locked?

Did he know we would be spiritually awakened yet living in a dream world?

Did he know our hearts and spirits could communicate telepathically?

Did he know we were the epitome of Black Magic?

Did he know we are here to heal the planet with our unconditional and mystical  love?

Did he know we were married to each other in a past life? Did he remember every scene?

Did he know we ruled the world together in ancient times?

Did he know that the here and now is ancient times?

Did he know that he is King Solomon and I am Queen Makeda?

Did he know he was my Pharaoh and I was his spiritual guide?

Did he realize we were a power couple who built nations from the love we had for our people?

Did he know I was his Twin Soul Sister, his Other Half, Guardian Angel, and Sweet Goddess of Love?

Did he know he was my hero and my inspiration?

Did he know he is perfect for me and my only son, who is fit to be a King, like Menelik?

Did he know if we’ve gotten this far, that we could go even further with faith and pure love?

I know on that beautiful day in September, I did not know my life would change as I walked away from only having one conversation with this intriguing soul. I wonder if he could have envisioned what we had to endure from that day forth, would he have let me walk away?”

Then, I cut my eyes at the other business people in the room and looked at him urging him to snap out of it; On that day, an innocent yet deep rooted glance had broken me into many complex pieces and today on 11/11/15, I ask the question: Will This Mystery Man Actualize?

“To all of my earth angels who have experienced the mysteries of the Twin Soul or Twin Flame phenomenon, continue to walk in peace and continue to make your soul’s content with a forgiving and understanding love!”

In closing, I guess it doesn’t matter if “we” (me and my mystery man) both know these miraculous things about our soul’s love; what matters are the people reading this – if they truly believe in love. If more of us just believe in true soul love and desire others to experience it without judgment; if more people would become vulnerable and take the chance on true happy relationships – no matter the race, social status, or religious belief! Just think how many of us would be in a fulfilling relationship if it wasn’t for people’s race, social status, opinions, or religious beliefs? #BlackLoveMatters #SpiritualUnionsMatter #UniversalLoveMatters #TrueLoveDoesNotHate #ThisMayorMayNotBeaTrueStory #ItDependsonWhatYourHeartandSoulBelieve

Infinite Love-2If you are interested in learning more about Twinflames and Twinsoul unions, here are a few, I mean a lot of resources. Some of you may not believe in this phenomenon and some videos may resonate with you. Have fun exploring the soul love journey!