My Future Husband Will Be Happily Married!

That’s a bold statement, but I am sticking to it! Because I’ve learned so much about me and I’m not afraid to stand by my future husband or my words. I’ve realized as a single woman, my future husband is not responsible for my happiness. I only can become the best me in order for him to be happy in our future marriage!

While I am single, I rather do the work before I play, then to play too fast and try to work on me after it’s too late. Now the work I speak of is not too hard, it just requires you to have an open mind and an understanding heart. For example, over the past three years, I’ve had to marry myself and discover my wealth. I had to date myself, question myself, lose myself, and find myself.

I had to fall in love with “all of me” – my imperfections, my insecurities, my passion, my purpose, my instability, my courage, my sensitivity, my negativity, and my positivity! Yes, I had to get all of “my”self together so I could be the “one” or the “whole person” my future husband’s heart deserves!

I had to learn and manipulate both my feminine and masculine energy – which are all of the emotions and ego trips that were ever flowing throughout me – seeking stability. Exploring both my tough and tender side trying to figure out when to be firm or practice humility. During challenging times, I had to find balance in every obstacle I had faced. I had to treat my adversities as learning opportunities, not allowing my soul to be misplaced. I believe a spouse cannot be happy with a woman who is not mentally or emotionally stable. She has to understand her inner wisdom and know that she is able – To be respected, protected, and loved!

So let me get to the point and tell you why, “My Future Husband” will be happily married …..

If he decides to be with me –

That’s exactly what he is getting – ME

Not the unsure me, uncomfortable me, unlovable me, or the unbearable me

He’s not getting a shameful single mother, but an example of how his children will be loved by this single woman, who is comfortable with her status!

Notably, he’s not getting my mother’s wounds or my sister’s disappointments!

He’s not going to be compared to my brothers or past guys I’ve dated!

I’m not going to treat him the way my mother treats or love my father!

I’m not going to be afraid that he is going to treat me how my father treats my mother or how my father does not treat my mother!

I’m not going to use my home girl’s experiences with her husband or ex-boyfriend to judge or measure my future husband’s character!

I will choose to love him only by the influence of “my heart”!

We, as a couple, will make a choice to be complementary to each other and not pressure each other to be anyone else but ourselves!

We will compromise and not over analyze!

We are going to choose to love each other and treat each other the way “we” decide to and it will be with pure and unconditional love –

We will comfort each other and naturally let our love flow

Because we chose to do the work necessary on ourselves prior to our marriage-

We left the pain and disappointments of other relationships behind!

We will not have senseless arguments and waste each others time!

Every second, minute, and hour will be filled with gratitude!

No bad attitudes, just royal servitude!

Yes, there will be challenges, but our communication will be clear, encouraging, and honest!

So there are no assumptions or feeling like we are in bondage

I will treat my husband as if there were no tomorrow –

Not a day that goes by that I want to end his day with sorrow!

I want to make sure I say and do without regrets-

Always treating him with love, honor, and respect!

Lastly, we will be so grateful to find each other because we’ve found our authentic selves in each other!

We will be family for life – not only lovers, but sister and brother!

Protect each other like the love of a “Mother or Father”!

My Future Husband will be my King and we will be married happily ever after because I’ve discovered my Inner Queen!

So my Future Royal King, “Let’s Reign Together Forever!”


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