My Heart Sings Once Every Blue Moon

On this blue full moon

I pray for a once in a lifetime phenomenon
A love that’s deeper than the sea
Wider than the cosmic galaxy
Brighter than the sun
A love that’s never done-
Spreading around because it wants to touch every one
The kind of love that makes you smile and stare into space
While sending telepathic messages to the one who holds that special place

May this moon be full of forgiveness and compassion
Letting go of the rhythm-less blues that held us back from “dancing”
I pray that this moon opens our arms, embracing pure love songs
holding on to every note that keeps us afloat while we fall in love & rise above

Knowing our souls were created “to dance” to a cosmic love song that was written in the stars – composed by constellations, and arranged by time that is perfect and divine – causing my heart sing – but only once every blue moon until I finally meet you

Once in a blue moon we have a chance to get what we’ve hoped for
I just simply hope – That I AM Your Blue Moon!!!

Happy Blue Moon


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