Can Love Rapture Both Racism and Corrupt Capitalism?

Times like this with wars and protests going on in our streets make me think about the importance of family. The black family has endured so much socially and economically in our country. It is obvious that white supremacy and elite social groups do not want us to love each other the way we naturally love each other. In fact these corporate leaders and bankers have been strategically plotting ways to divide our life stories into Chapter 7, 11, and 13; allowing big businesses’ to be corrupt and causing individuals’ to become bankrupt. On the other hand, some people in power literally pay us to be poor and are entertained by our ignorance; some in the past even created education, monetary, legal, and medical policies to displace the royal black race. Is it our unique DNA code that causes you to experiment on us in such a sadistic and fanatical way?

Unfortunately, there are savvy and strategic political individuals capitalizing on the black community being mentally ill, physically in bondage, and emotionally distraught to support what I like to define as Evil Economics!! Therefore, the root of this evil economy causes our black children to become behind in education, populate prisons, or become substance abusers due to lack of equal opportunity and fair treatment. Yes, our “free” country even exchange our lucrative black communities for stock, bidding on corporate performance and penitentiary profits while black people’s self- and net worth are devalued. This political incorrect system is so mentally sick and the therapy for all of this hate is simply LOVE.

Moreover, we request publicly for leaders to love and respect us but some do not want to give up their ruling power; but why not surrender to LOVE? Why should life relationships be based on power struggles and political parties? It is now the time to let go of the conditional laws and let the natural laws rule! I know in my heart that Mother Nature would not stand for this chaos and the Universal Laws would not fall for this order of business! So now is the time for honesty, humility, and unity; not cover ups, ego trips, and brutality.

I know right now my people are tired and some of them may die for justice in the next few days or even the next few weeks. However, I don’t wish that this type of violence would happen, but my city is in rage and they are going to fight back fearlessly. My brothers and sisters in Baltimore are serious! Some Baltimoreans will control their emotions and others will speak the truth uncut and raw, but it’s all coming from the heart as well as out of frustration! The tolerance for some black  people are extremely low so if they are disrespected, the protests may not be so peaceful and there will be a war. It’s just how nature works when you do not nourish its people with LOVE.

Personally, I know that feeling when injustice hits home. I was willing to die for my cause because I wanted a better life for me and my son along with my community. When you are in the heat of the moment, you just don’t care what people think or what important titles they have; you just want JUSTICE & RESPECT! So I sincerely pray that people will be careful with their children during the protest but I know some black people and other races are going to sacrifice their lives intentionally and unintentionally for the sake of JUSTICE. Furthermore, I have this gut feeling that my city is going to be set up by intruders and some people may travel here to exacerbate the current situation. I hope that I am wrong, but just observing the news and online videos, the feelings of rage and passion are so intense out there right now. I am sorry to say even innocent children may experience some brutality as a result of agitators interfering in our protests. All I can do is pray for peace and love for my community and our nation after centuries of this greedy generational war attack on the royal black family. We definitely need an overflow and outpouring of love to lift us all up!

So I urge you to please be safe and wise out there! It’s an eerie yet courageous smell in the air. Also, don’t feel guilty or allow people to make you feel guilty if  you decide not to protest. It may not be your place to do so. However, if you are not out there marching for Freddie Gray, as a black community we have to remember to take care of ourselves and our children better. We all know that a lot of the illegal and violent activities in our city is because some of us (mothers, fathers, aunts, cousins, friends, neighbors, leaders) are not involved enough in the personal and professional development of our children We, also, know it truly takes a village to help raise and guide our children! Even parents need guidance! Often, some mothers are chasing love or other addictions instead of proactively being a supportive mother; some fathers are chasing love and other addictions instead of allowing his children to experience what it feels like to have an active father in their lives. Other parents are interested in their children becoming professional athletes or becoming entertainers for the world to see; while secret societies are behind the scenes  afflicting our nation with religious wars, mind control programs, false statistics of progression, pollution, genetically modified foods, poverty, homelessness, mass incarceration, inequities in education, and digital destruction. This is why we must LOVE and EDUCATE ourselves and children more energetically!

The least and the most we can do is “wake up”! Try to HEAL and LOVE ourselves first! Next, we should not blame our painful pasts as a valid reason not to build loving relationships; nor blame our lack of education as a reason for not manifesting our dreams and sharing our wisdom with the world! We are so brilliant and RIGHTEOUS, Black Nation! We are mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, master teachers, architects, cooks, artists, writers, producers, directors, historians, entertainers, and entrepreneurs!

So while others choose to protests, some of us can help design the picket signs and flyers, write inspiring speeches, organize fund raisers, develop a strategic plan, teach civil literacy, or simply spend quality time with our children – our future leaders! Apply your talents and make a difference! You could even create art or make music in the name of FREEDOM and LOVE! We must not waste another day in sorrow, but build a lasting legacy for tomorrow!

Make sure you refuse to walk around sleeping unconscious with the enemy, but become conscious of the mystical events happening around you leading your spirit to a deeper meaning about life and your soul’s purpose. So together let’s SEEK and FIND out ways we can help change the signs of the time allowing nature to freely take its course. Allow Mother Nature to divinely intervene in order to rapture the pain, the fear, the hurt, bondage, guilt, and defeat we have experienced through family ties or our family’s lies. Allow the rapture of love to take over!

Remember, that no matter how much racism and capitalism try to break our family’s apart, divine love will remain in our hearts! To the spiritual leaders of this Godly race, please be still and listen to your intuition. Thus, it is written in the heart of Africa that we have an inheritance and a mission to claim!  We will have more African and African American world leaders, some of the poor will become wealthy and the powerless will become powerful! We will create RIGHTEOUS laws treating everyone with LOVE and FAIRNESS! When we decide to ascend as a black nation, the way we view life will not be the same. We will reconnect and return to our ancestral cultural traditions. We will experience miracles of peace, but there are some negative habits and thought patterns we must release! So allow the rapture of love to guide your spirit! Embrace the new, natural, divine, and unifying world order! Enjoy the wealth of yourself and create heaven on earth! Be illuminated and be blessed with spiritual enlightenment! Be  encouraged to study our ancient mysteries and make history! Ase’!


Marian Moore

A Baltimore Native


One thought on “Can Love Rapture Both Racism and Corrupt Capitalism?

  1. thank God for you dear lady I’m in with this and will help in always anyway I can thank god again
    for your leadership and I will follow you tell the end dear.

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