This Letter is History: To Celebrate or Liberate a Woman

 Updated February 28, 2016Globally Competitive Woman Intro(7)

Dear Wise Men,

I appreciate your existence and it feels great to know that you can assist with celebrating or liberating women; For the grandfathers, fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, boyfriends, and husbands who love, respect, and protect all women, thank you so much for your efforts! For those men who help raise children and take time to mentor them, please keep up the great work! Furthermore, I am truly grateful for men, who help fix what is broken, assemble what needs to be put together, clean up messes, or help carry the heavy loads for women and children! I Honor You! I value your time given to us! More importantly, to the spiritually and emotionally connected men who keep us grounded and balanced with words of Godly wisdom, may you and your lives be blessed with abundance! You are beautiful souls!

But there are a few concerns I have to share with some men across the world because now is the time to make some radical changes. We are currently living in a global and domestic war zone. So right now I do not feel at peace without sharing this candid message with you to remind you that “all” women should be celebrated or liberated more often and willingly. Women need love and attention, just like you – and I want to come to a fair consensus with you all! So please listen to my authentic thoughts:

As a woman, I often wonder if I want to be celebrated or simply liberated; As an appealing woman, I can be celebrated while simultaneously be denigrated; As a powerful woman, I can be given the right to be totally liberated yet feel segregated; As a woman without power, I can feel hated or eliminated. So can I be treated like or feel like an equal when compared to a man without a debate? Can I advance to the top or score a basket without doing a figure eight? Can I feel respected by men for my contributions to humanity? And when I demand respect, can my critics not interpret my words as being arrogant or judging my emotions as insanity?

I’m not asking you to be vindictive towards me, non-responsive, or treat me like I am out of my league. Nor do I want you to ignore my game, defame my name, or acknowledged by you as a woman who needs to be tamed. Celebrate me by liberating me, not competing with me or providing for me materialistically! You cannot buy my love, but I would love for you to buy into my mentality. Maybe you should try to think like a woman – tap into your feminine side; Be vulnerable and allow me to be your spiritual guide. Love me with loyalty; Be gentle and make sure that you reflect what you desire from me – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Don’t misuse me sexually or abuse me verbally in order to support your insecurities or inferiority;  Please note, I don’t need you to surrender and try to remedy my pain by marrying me because we cannot cover our complex issues up with a prenupt. It is important for you to know that I don’t want to give up my total freedom or be too subservient. However, I love to give and I’m down to earth, but I also know my worth. So I want to rise up and collaborate and if my game is taking me to a higher level, I don’t want us to split up, but continue to team up or when the game gets challenging, I don’t want us to give up on each other, but build up one another. I don’t want to compete against you but compete with you!

Sometimes as women we may push you away, knowing in our hearts that we need you to stay – active in our lives and our children lives even if you feel like you are not good enough or when times get rough; Also, when you feel defeated, we know your value and realize that there is a prize that lies within you! It is vital as Queens to humble ourselves to this truth instead of being aloof; However, I am woman enough to say, “I am not all that my child needs”; I will say it again – I am woman enough to say, “I am not all that my child needs.” I know it takes both genders to help our children succeed. I believe men just have to stop running from or getting offended about the truth. Take it like a man, like we take it like a woman and let’s change our traditional point of views – letting go of the status quo; letting go of our egos! Allow our visions and dreams to reach new heights because you know we cannot elevate by constantly having “battle of the sexes” fights.

So let me share with you why it is urgent that we should unite and stand up for what is right. There are often too many women – grandmothers, wives, aunts, or mothers – who feel frustrated and angry because they sacrifice so much without receiving compassion from others. If she’s irresponsible or exhausted from raising a child, she’s committing a crime – Yet men often get away for being absent and irresponsible all the time.

For example, a man can be a father at his own convenience and finds comfort in knowing the mother will take care of his child or children. A husband can get upset and leave his wife with his children carelessly, sometimes use his career as a reason to be free from household responsibilities. An unmarried father can pretty much hide and figure out ways to express why he can’t provide. Consequently, women, wives, and mother figures play both parenting roles – at times putting their dreams on hold. When her circumstances are causing her a lot of stress, others may laugh and talk about her behind her back even when they see her trying to do her best. Yes, the woman who gives birth and sometimes loses her identity in order to be a “good mommy” or “supportive wife” – tries to remain balanced in order to maintain an abundant life.

She occasionally suffers silently because she cannot be spontaneous unless she has family, friends, or even her own children to help her order her steps. This woman is always trying to make a way out of no way by magically turning dark nights into brighter days. Although it’s hard to put or place herself first because while giving her best, she is sometimes treated the worst. Is this the reward she gets for her dedication and stewardship? I can guarantee you that this is not what She was seeking in a relationship. Sometimes She feels like She can’t win this political game yet you depend on her sacrificial leadership. Moreover, this champion of a woman is often leading the race, yet feeling like she is in last place in this globally competitive race. She even smiles and compete with a winning attitude, when those who are competing against her – are cheating her or forcing her to be subdued.

Now please do not misinterpret my expression as dishonoring or blaming men, who often have the flexibility to do what he wants, how he wants, and when  –  because of his role in his family or society. In fact, I support men and I write this message in order for us to acknowledge our truths, disappointments, and faults in order to support our equally created male counterparts.

However, as a woman, I believe that my dreams matter, my life matters, and my role is not to always to serve you with a platter. Although, I love to serve and it’s truly in my nature; I will serve you to a degree, but I need a major – So I can live my life’s purpose and be viewed by the world – for more than the curves that outline my surface.

I deeply desire for you to listen and consider my inner wisdom so we can both succeed –  Honoring both of our essential and evolving needs. So for what reasons can we celebrate women? Does she have to endure a traumatic experience for you to celebrate her? Do you celebrate her because of the many sacrifices she makes in order for you to be happy? Do you celebrate her because when you feel weak, she makes you feel strong? Do you celebrate her because she is right most of the time and you’re mainly wrong? (Just Joking, My Kings – Your Highness)

Do we celebrate her because she demonstrated her strength when she was mistreated – or the fact that she stood up to you because your competitive desires caused her to feel defeated. Sometimes it seems like we celebrate a woman for what she has overcome instead of celebrating her because She is a woman – not a weaker vessel or the half of your whole; Just someone for you to unconditionally love and to honor her soul.

It’s great to be celebrated, but we desire to be liberated and freed from the boundaries you set or your lustful love limitations. Today’s women globally are ready to get more involved in leading and shaping this nation. In fact, there was an important time in ancient history when women were honored as deities in the community – valued and praised for being spiritually wise and looked upon as a political prize. Even when she was feisty and dogmatic, she did not have to apologize for how passionate she was about life and how she wanted to serve. She was honored globally with the respect she deserved. She was known for fighting for love, respect, and unity; battling the enemy for her king, children, and the empowerment of Her society. More importantly, just the fact that she had the power to create life was a miraculous mystery. Even strong majestic men admired her powerful alchemy and she thoroughly enjoyed and adored their chivalry.

So what happened over time? Did mankind keep his ego, forgetting his humility? – with social influences conquering Her power, disrupting Her tranquility. Is She now at peace when we celebrate Her while She is constantly trying to break barriers, often feeling doomed? Does She feel like royalty or entrapped by society rules – when you often hinder her progress by waning her moon? She would much rather shine her light on the darkness we often bring toward one another or radiate rainbows of universal color – highlighting and complimenting each other.

However, we celebrate the centuries that she has endured in this world of MANipulation; Cheering as her royal rights were seized by war and defeated by his competition. She lost her rights because he did not want to be wrong. She became the weaker link because he wanted to be in the record books as the one who was strong. The more he wanted to be God, the less significant was Her position. Well, I believe now he should assist Her with becoming “more” respected as his new life’s mission.

So do we celebrate milestone events of the past out of guilt and for our lack of compassion?

As of late, we often hope that the Civil Rights Movement and Selma bridge the equality gap. We encourage women leaders to right wrongs when she often leads from the back. We’ve been chanting: “Black Lives and All Lives Matter, Yes Wives and Battered Girlfriends Matter”. So let’s continue to rebuild our nations with equal opportunities instead of being influenced by some of the biased media chatter; Allow our words to be actions or demand people in power to be accountable for their unjust reactions.

Let’s not forget, while we are on this movement, not to continue to kill or sabotage her children’s future so she can live a life without anxiety because She’d rather feel content knowing her children can safely contribute to society. In some countries, She can populate, but not participate. Some villages rather that She not have a voice, a vote, an education, or victory. Is this the way we want our society to dominate democracy? The media speaks out about her courage, strength, and her strides to make an upward bound, but lawmakers are shutting down the government when She stands her ground. Every political debate is based on control, territory, and money, but when She tries to intervene, others may judge her prolific thoughts as funny. So what about the serious topics such as celebrating her health and wealth. Maybe less gossiping or discouraging her when she stands up for herself.

The Great Mother, Wife, Sister, and Daughter – should be loved and respected. Her needs should not be ignored and her human rights should be eagerly protected. Do not compete and leave her behind; Respect her as an equal and allow her to shine;. Walk side by side with her until she can confidently lead the way. Watch her from the back ensuring nothing or no one gets in the way. Love her by empowering her to do her best. Revere her as a Queen; plan for her success. Protect her dreams, comfort her with your affection. Help her proudly with the heavy weight that she hauls; Carry her over life’s puddles and pick her up when she falls; Mentor and watch over her children – do not treat her sons and daughters as if they are bandits. Don’t forget to make sure you make her laugh until she can’t stand it! Then, at the end of the day, she should fall to her bed at night not feeling exhausted from what you didn’t do, but satisfied with how you treated her by standing up for her right – to experience being accomplished, a goal she often pursues!


Marian Serena                                                                                                                                    Compete With Purpose, LLC

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved, Marian S. Moore


Globally Competitive Woman Conclusion(7)

Wishing my global girlfriends a lifelong experience of liberation – Loving who you are as a daily celebration! Continue to journal your mental and emotional journey – writing your life’s story into history! Your thoughts, your voices, and your efforts matter! Thank you for all that you’ve done and will continue to do. May all of your hopes, aspirations, and dreams come true!


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