Read and Keep the Spirit of African American History Alive 365!

Yes, we “ALL” need to do better when it comes to studying our African American History! Sometimes we can be so busy seeking instant gratification that we do not invest the time to plan and organize initiatives that will educate and empower ourselves as well as our loved ones. How much time do we take to invest in educating ourselves? Why not give yourself an honorary degree of knowledge without being indebted by tuition! Pay yourself, first! Seek wisdom! So every day we should make an effort to travel through history, dig a little deeper into the hidden knowledge of our African ancestors in order to become liberated from ignorance. It is time to continue the movement that not only focuses on civil rights but bringing our traditional culture back! Stimulate your mental muscles with past, present, and future events by reading with discipline. Even watch a history video between paragraphs if you prefer; just EDUCATE yourself! As I often like to say, Study History and Make History!

Additionally, you will find that the further you go back into history; the Creator reminds us about how genetically superior we are. Then, as a result, you will be inspired to motivate everyone else to feel this winning spirit that our ancestors have implanted in us to rise the vibration of our nation now and forever! We need our ancestor’s spirit more than ever to reveal the truth and to free our spirits! More importantly, we should also study African “Herstory” and make “her” royal story known to our children, acknowledging the woman’s right to reign! Our past culture was magnificently structured to honor both the man and woman as divine leaders of civilization. Therefore, I believe that our generation needs to comprehend the duality concept in order to build a solid foundation for our future families!

So I encourage you all to feed your souls with the mystical knowledge of our ancestors! In fact, it’s never too late to start seeking the meaning of life and finding your soul’s purpose by studying ancient African history! This Information & Technology age digitally creates innovative ways to flood our minds with the nutrients that will keep us mentally healthy. Actually, mental health should be our main priority as a nation because we all know that our African American communities face a lot of mental illness and self destruction. However, I strongly believe that knowledge will unlock the chains of depression because reading feeds our imagination! Thus, we have to affirm every day that we have brilliant minds and we are undeniably talented! In fact, every day we should give ourselves gifts of knowledge, spending part of the day, learning and the rest of the day doing; constantly applying what we’ve learned or sharing knowledge to enlighten someone who is living in darkness. Learning about our true history inspires us to seek a deeper mission in life and develops the desire to leave a legacy like our ancestors did for all of us. Let’s intentionally celebrate our legacy daily and allow our ancient African legacy to compel us to refurbish our communities with a Revolutionary Renaissance!

Know Thyself and Your Wealth! It’s Time to Build a Wealth of Knowledge!

Last month, my blog focused on flipping the script on racism and this month, I just wanted to acknowledge four people that have flipped the script on racism in diverse ways:

  1. Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan – A revolutionary leader who provides his followers with ancient African traditions that have been lost through slavery and white supremacy. I was encouraged by a family member and a friend to watch his lectures. I recently began studying and listening to Dr. Ben in order to stay focus on my African Pride, building up my royal character as an African American woman. He acknowledges African women in high regard and honor Her as the Creator, Goddess, Leader, and Great Mother of civilization. I was so relieved after learning about my real heritage through Dr. Ben’s service to humanity. It gave me more motivation to fearlessly stand up for myself, my community, and our future legacy. It’s great to reclaim your culture and find ways to infuse it into your life with lasting traditions.

Article: He is also featured in the article, 10 Black Scholars Who Debunked Eurocentric Propaganda via Atlanta Black Star’s website.

Video Search: Please research his video presentations online and check out this video, “What Do You Tell Your Children?” published by The Black University’s YouTube Channel.

  1. Michelle Alexander – This awesome woman is enlightening the world about mass incarceration as a form of political racism through the War on Drugs, judicial system tactics, as well as, the structure of the government’s social services and labor market policies. I salute her courageous conversations about how this impacts the African American community and other racial groups. She continues to be socially responsible by informing the world about what people in power are benefitting from and how they are misusing their power in what we call the “justice” system. Thank you, Michelle Alexander, for using your legal profession as a catalyst to flip the political script as a civil rights activist!

Article: Telling My Son About Fugerson via The New York Times

Video: The New Jim Crow Lecture via The University of Chicago’s YouTube Channel


  1. Jane Elliot – This brilliant and bold woman’s diversity training is extremely racy, but she has such an emotional impact on all people. Sometimes we have to create opportunities for people to “role play” in order to help them to understand empathy or to learn through a dramatic experience. Ms. Elliot acknowledges that racism is a mental illness and a form of ignorance. In fact, I believe we need more women like Jane Elliot to stand up against white supremacy and racism, which has been institutionalized in almost every facet of government, the corporate world, and global communities. Ms. Elliot’s leadership approach is life changing for all people who participate in her class. I salute Jane Elliot for audaciously flipping the script on racism!

Video: Racism Experiment on Oprah via Huffington Post

Article: An Unfinished Crusade via

  1. Dr. Umar Johnson – A dynamic and passionate public speaker who has taken his career from a school administrator and psychologist to an entrepreneurial pursuit to develop a school infrastructure that supports African American children’s personal and professional development. Please support his efforts to rebuild St. Paul’s College to eliminate the injustice toward African American children within our traditional school system. His goal is for his future academies to focus on African culture and implement an interdisciplinary approach to learning in order for students to have pride in their ability to become global leaders. Not to mention, become competent with the necessary life and career skills to rebuild their own communities. I learned so much from his lectures ranging from ancient African American history to solutions that can empower our African American community.

Video: UDC Forum: Academic Holocaust: War Against Black Youth?

In closing, it takes a great deal of bravery to discuss racism and the corrupt activities that have us all living in fear. However, if we want to reclaim our ancestors’ legacy, we have to learn about our ancient culture, the systematic efforts to destroy our culture through mental slavery, and how we can strategically make more progress! Although, currently it may feel like we are moving backwards with racial and social wars, let’s make sure that as an African American community – the only way we are moving backward is to trace our history so that we can move forward towards prosperity. Just understand that we are living in a life cycle so while you are experiencing this journey on earth now, make it one that will last until your spirit returns again! Then, when you have arrived once again, just pick up where you left off! No fear, my people! Please know that the power of God lives within you and the spirit of our ancestors forever flows! Now that last thought was inspired by the mystery of our ancient history! So from this day forth, I will try to provide ancient African as well as African American history to you all on my Facebook Fan Page. Keep the African Spirit Alive 365! Thanks for reading!


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