Flip the Script on Racism : How Does It Feels When The Joke Is On You?

In case you did not know, “racism” is unconstitutional but currently many racist people are not being accountable for their unlawful actions. So let’s imagine a world where people were actually responsible for their racist decisions. (Updated June 5, 2016)

What if a person commits an act of racism and it automatically reduces his or her credit score by 200 points? If you thought that was a heavy hitter, envision after you’ve made a racist remark, immediately receiving a $500 citation. Oh, and if a person’s racist remarks happened on multiple occasions at the workplace, the repetitious racist’s wages would be garnished for an entire year!

Now for all you Education Reformers out there, what if your local board of education created an equity policy, giving a fine for those of you who commit a racist act towards a child! Yup….those funds in your Summer or Christmas Savings account is going straight to the kid that you racially intimidated or mistreated! That’s right, direct deposit, Baby!

So try being racist after we’ve had a major criminal justice reform in the next decade! Trust me! I guarantee you that we will have more African-American lawyers, legal literate citizens, and diverse political players by the year 2030 to ensure justice for all!

Furthermore, what if someone reports job discrimination and the prejudice employees who denied a qualified candidate due to race would actually be sentenced to jail? Then, after being released from jail, the racist “Human Resources” felon could hardly find employment or get a school loan to prepare for new job opportunities. That’s right, institutional racism will no longer exist and racist individuals are not welcomed to work for our newly improved affirmatively active institutions unless they are willing to pay the cost! Therefore, “prejudice people”, you better think about your every move because it’s going to be some overworked black women and underpaid black men waiting for you to say or do something racist so they can file a claim! Now, say something!

Just because you are mistreating African-Americans at an alarming rate doesn’t mean we will continue to be defeated because my ancestors created the human race! Thus, I guarantee we, the human race, will change the game by learning the law and supporting each other to become more business savvy instead of trying to get TV time or acceptance from people who do not care whether we live or die! Soon, instead of protesting, we will be progressing because we are going to put in the work, strategize, help ourselves, and do for ourselves!  Some people may call this black segregation, but it’s called rebuilding a nation and restoring our African legacy!

Now just when you thought being a racist was awful enough, did I mention that there are legal discussions about getting points added to your driver’s license and increasing your car insurance premiums if you commit a racist crime because the community would rather not have prejudice people driving around with harmful attitudes towards citizens of different cultures? You know racism is starting to “drive people crazy” and we cannot have people cruising our streets with DUI’s: Driving Under the Influence of Racism. “Oh No, Not in my Neighborhood!”

By the way, some urban lobbyists are arguing that if you are a repeat racist offender while driving, your car would be repossessed and if it’s paid for, the ownership would be legally transferred to the victim of your hate crime. In fact, a legislator told me yesterday that they may call this law, “Thanks for the New Whip Act” or “You’ve Just Got Carjacked Act” – a little play on words to explain “reverse racism” in a culturally sensitive or insensitive way. It all depends on how you choose to receive this information.

Also, I hear Congress is planning on making some critical moves behind the scenes in the next 5 years so be prepared to hear lots of sirens!”

As a result of our policymakers’ dedication to reform the criminal justice system, racist people will be pulled over more frequently with the government’s effort to hire more Black and Hispanic people as nontraditional policemen and women. Yes, brothers and sisters, the block will be hot after this law is enforced. My only fear is that this initiative may cause a lot of confusion on the road and traffic jams on the streets because there may be so many African-American or Hispanic police pulling over other police who are racial profiling. Ironically, this policing program will help prevent a lot of senseless killings and arrests by training a nontraditional police force to “police the police”. What do you think? Is it worth the investment? Now wait a minute, before you lose your religion, I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper to hire a nontraditional police force than having current police killing innocent people and paying their families’ millions of dollars in reparations each year!

Moving on to other biased headlines – Imagine if every racist is required to confess to the world that they are racist and publicly apologize to his or her victims on our local and national news. We all know our taxpayers do not want to give racists a second chance because they are poor role models for our community so it must be broadcasted! Therefore, the goal is to continue to oppress these inconsiderate individuals, through the mainstream media. Just think about the racist felon who may decide to relocate and start a new life after serving his or her time in prison, but the local and national news stations aggressively showcase their jail profile pictures – looping them every thirty minutes. Not to mention being acknowledged by our government leaders and news reporters as “Thugs” or “Corporate Criminals”.

“Is that how we are supposed to love and judge our neighbors?”

Seriously though, would anyone want their family member or friend to experience this type of “prejudice public embarrassment” on the daily news, internet, or in the local newspaper regarding racism? Obviously, there are a group of powerful people who are quite entertained over the defeat and powerlessness of other races; just the act of writing this racist news to you is overwhelming for me and no one gave me a race card to play with; I’m just playing the hand that I was dealt in this political game. More importantly, anyone who mentions the race card regarding this blog has the equal opportunity to change how you deal or cut your cards – using your political privilege to create choas in our communities while broadcasting your biased view of who we are as an African American race.

So maybe collectively, we should change the ratings of some of these “networks who do not support our net worth” as human beings! Just envision the FCC fining all television networks that frequently promote violence toward black people or strategically edit their programs to showcase the negative behavior of black people after being antagonized or retaliated against. I believe as a nation, we should team up and not watch television stations or programs that do not follow the script to support, love, and respect all people! Ok, changing channels……

In the business news, we’ve heard on Wall Street that soon national banks and other financial institutions will have a bang for the American people’s buck!”

Check this out: In order to reduce the national debt, extreme racists will no longer have access to credit or the privilege of buying a home due to their lack of character and capacity to love. This concept may actually assist racists with raising their credit scores overtime if they manage their cash budget well. So being racist does have its benefits if you play by the rules and throw that “race card” away. Unless, racist people fall into this “Tubman Trap”: See lawmakers are, also, working on not allowing extreme racists to have the privilege of having bank accounts after achieving a certain amount of offenses. If they continue to execute their racial crimes, these “culturally challenged people” would no longer have access to their bank funds. In turn, they would have to transfer their funds to their victim’s bank accounts as a form of reparations. It’s almost like investing in the worth of someone valuable or paying it forward to a family who you’ve  racially intimidated, discriminated, or retaliated against. So this fiscal policy is probably going to be called Transfer the Tubmans Act or The Underground Railroad to Financial Freedom Act. It’s still under deliberation – so what would you name this fiscal policy?

Speaking of the money market, a savvy businesswoman told me at a networking event the other day that there are some big time investors who are developing a stock market index that would capitalize on the amount of racist people who are going to be incarcerated or penalized and the industries who would profit from it. Sounds like Dow Jones will be up and in the green until racism is off the market! I bet stock brokers are definitely banking on this speculative trend believing this would indeed be a long-term investment for the buyer’s market. Now personally, I would like to sell those stocks short because I wouldn’t want to build my wealth on hate and greed. That’s not the African way and it should not be the American way to do business! Building a wealthy nation full of opportunity and prosperity for everyone is what I envision.

Ok, so here’s the segregation segment that may really connect to your heart if you are able to connect the dots.”

Unfortunately, I have to announce to the world that a Congressman told me that by the year 202o, when a person has been identified as a racist, he or she would have to put a permanent black dot on his or her forehead – sort of like a scarlet letter to alienate racist people from the kindhearted people of society. Sadly, these individuals with black dots on their foreheads will walk around with people staring at them with hatred in their eyes, talking about them behind their backs, maybe even laughing at them because they have multiple dots on their forehead. So for once “radical racists” would finally know how it feels to be different or to be an easy target for mistreatment.

For those of you that made it this far reading my blog, I just want to say that it’s extremely excruciating to broadcast that the loving people of society may look at the “black dot people” (BDP) and panic for their lives or their family’s safety. Therefore, I shared this long and dramatic interpretation of racism in order to ask the world, “Who really wants to live in this type of racial political chaos? Who wants to live in a war zone led by white supremacy? Who deserves this type of racial treatment or limited lifestyle? Lastly, why is it such a threat to give “all people an equal opportunity” for living their God-given purpose or mission in life??”

Just conceptualize a world without racism and the positive effect that it would have on society, globally. However, until everyone is accountable for their racists’ actions and reactions, the news reports will remain the same and people will continue to live in anger, fear, as well as, oppression!

I remember my mother telling me that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “You cannot legislate love”, which is a profound statement and makes me further question the legislation of hate that my ancestors endured in America. So if we enforced the law which states that, “Racism is unconstitutional”, would the loss of privilege influence racist people to love and respect other races? Now that is the type of reverse racism, I would love to vote for!

“We all know that we were not born racist and obviously racism is taught. So what is the solution to racism in our personal and professional relationships?”

Maybe business leaders should treat their employees as if their employees’ may be their future bosses or future references; Perhaps, citizens should treat their neighbors and perfect strangers as extended family; Maybe parents or guardians should treat their children the way the would like to be treated when they are elderly – with care, understanding, and time; Also, when you make judgments about a person, make sure it’s not to promote their problems, misfortune, or lack of support; but to seek out their potential or to help them discover their purpose. For, you never know if that person, who you are negatively judging, will have to judge you or make a decision for you and your family outcomes in the future. Therefore, this is what “we all can do” within our families, neighborhoods, and communities to gradually erase the imprint of racism and unfair competition that have made the progress of our human race so stagnant.

Well, I hope my blog wasn’t too racy. However, I would like to boldly state that:

“The Life of a Black Person is No Joke!”

So if some of my jokes are not funny to you because they are about you or your behavior; then, NOW is the time for you to change how you write your personal and political script. Thank you for your efforts!

In conclusion, I truly believe that education has the potential to be our country’s new “Economic Stimulus Package”, but Education Leaders have to respectfully receive the truth about racism within the school system. In fact, it doesn’t take a person with a lot of credentials to make progressive changes in education so maybe the school system should lower their educational standards and create new pathways for their communities to help meet the needs of our children’s future. It’s more productive and less expensive to work as a team than it is to treat each other as opponents!

So stay tuned for a legislation that I’ve been working on that will have a profound effect on the institutional racism that exists within the school system. I am so elated and grateful about the work, the potential partners, and supporters of my fiscal policy entitled, Equity Restitution Plan for School Systems Nationwide. I am ready to lobby and hold education leaders accountable for some of their unjust decisions towards African-American and low-income children so please check out my first draft!

 © 2015, Marian S. Moore, All Rights Reserved.

 Disclaimer: “No part of this publication may be used, reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying or any other electronic or mechanical methods without the prior permission of the publisher. For permission request, email the publisher Marian Moore at competewithpurpose@gmail.com.”

Equity Restitution Plan for School Systems Nationwide – Marian Moore, January 2015 – Public

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