The Dark Queen Goddess Rises

We must redefine the power of our African QUEENS!!

SHE is not as angry, arrogant, or defiant as SHE seems
But just living a life of the oppressed African Queen
Oppressed African Queen, what a heartless scheme?
Is this the cost SHE has to pay for the American Dream?
Brought and bought by America to live her enslaver’s dream?
Indoctrinated by organized religion to control how she beams?
Born in the heart of Africa as a Victorious Queen –
But raised in America as Ruth with special orders to glean
Brainwashed by flooding her powers to dream –

However, if you allow her dream, SHE is like a time machine
SHE will travel time with her mind, press rewind
and fast forward with some powerful scenes –
Of “Prosperity” with less disparity in our communities
But the media keeps manipulating her divine frequencies
Her divine frequencies could change society,
Her divine business savvy could change industries,
Her divine synergy could change your community
But her oppressor keeps channeling her reality to TV;
Draining her natural esoteric energy

A Queen with the “Power of God” in her, but her oppressor wants to undress her and strip her of the naked truth
Which is the fact that SHE is the “Eve” in evolution and her
Mitochondrial DNA has the proof
However, she was forbidden to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge, then became the root of all evil
Or maybe the tree was a degree of her spiritual awareness and her oppressor wanted her to become more feeble
Gentleman, please share some of your political power with her because this interpretation of the divine Goddess is so medieval!
When she uses her free will, you think it’s considered a curse?
But she has the capacity to uplift humanity because SHE is the “Queen of the Earth”
SHE is the earth’s blessing giving birth to life lessons and nurturing
“New Bright Beginnings”
And when you witness the Queen exercise her free will, SHE is not sinning!
This Ethiopian Queen is just awakened and likes to live in
“Truth, Justice, and Righteousness”
But her enemy forced her to give up “The Throne of Self-love, Hope, and Happiness”
Her oppressor says her justice is against the law so that she will continue to live her life feeling like a flaw
Her adversaries would rather the “Queen to Bee” submissive to injustice, letting go of her “Divine Power of Peace”
To support competition, greed, conquest, and the mark of the beast
The oppressor, for generations, knows the Dark Queen Goddess potential
But does not want her to explore her metaphysical mental – “Capacity”
And to even acknowledge herself as a Queen, society thinks she has some audacity
So SHE remains behind the scenes being “The Help” to put others in the mainstream

 But did you know SHE was hidden from the public’s eye as being
“Worshipped as a Goddess for Centuries”
Then became a victim of manipulative sorcery that played with
“Her Pride and Dignity”
Unfortunately, it was her oppressor’s war strategy and vicious victory
Causing her to have mental and emotional battles throughout history
For centuries, SHE constantly cried out, “Why me? Why my family?”
“What is it about me that make you want to harass me and my community?”
“What a corrupt corporate catastrophe!”

Well, maybe it’s because this Great Mother is Godly
“The Creator of All Humanity”
A Nubian Queen, who once ruled and civilized society in antiquity
Her leadership was so inspiring that there were temple universities built
“to learn about her mysteries”
Then an opposing society takes credit for her long lasting legacy,
What a conspiracy?
To brainwash society with linear philosophies in order to phase out the
“Queen Goddess’s Royal Dynasties”.
Well, today, I declare this so-called reality has expired and it’s time for the Dark Queen Goddess to Rise and her oppressors to apologize and realize that –

“Your public rejection is the “Queen’s Resurrection” and
“The Queen’s Inner Peace” is her protection

So take note that once she meets darkness, no one can hold her down spiritually because she is out of reach cosmically and unstoppable mentally
Her resurrection is her protection and when she comes back to earth, she is ready to compete and teach more life lessons than you can Google search
Not to mention her personal testimonies that make you feel the
“Holy Spirit of Church!”

The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
For we are shifting our hearts to the paradigm of love, compassion, and peace
The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
Because that is the only way we can rid the world of all of its hate, competition, and the mark of the beast

So respect that SHE was the “first” to create a thriving civilization and you need her compassionate love to stabilize this nation
Therefore, be humble and witness as she magically correct all of your intentional mistakes
Then you’ll realize SHE is a divine gift to the world, who entered from the
“Heavenly Gates” –
As the original guardian angel guiding the world through the
dark ages of man-made technology
Who is willing to work alongside man encouraging him to embrace
“The New Conscious Society”
And with this woman’s touch, she will heal the world’s wounds of all its insanity
Healing one soul, one family, one community at a time to lift the “Spirit of Humanity”

 “Lifting Spirits”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Spreading the Light”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Shifting Consciousness”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Illuminating the Lost Souls”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“Resurrecting the Fallen”, The Dark Queen Goddess Rises!
“The Fallen Angel” is now the Dark Queen Goddess Rising!

In closing, it was during the dark that I’ve found the light that was in me
In order to win, I had to defeat today society’s perception of me
I had to learn to love me inside and out in order for my spirit to
“Embrace a More Suitable Route”
My journey has been guided by my jargon and my life has been
“A Learning Lesson”
So I cannot be ashamed of my choices and worry about what people may think of me, which is unnecessary “stressin”
Sometimes people use their power to destroy your integrity and you have to affirm to yourself every day,
“I am not the person that they try to make me out to be!”

So chant with me, Queens and “Reclaim Your Identity”:

I AM a Queen Goddess!
I AM Divine!
I AM Intelligent!
I AM Gifted and Talented!
I AM Innovative!
I AM an Entrepreneur!
I AM a Teacher!
I AM a Priestess!
I AM Righteous!
I AM Harmony!
I AM Loving!
I AM Passionate!
I AM Christ Consciousness!
I AM in the Original Trinity – Mother, Father, and Child!
I AM the Law!
I AM the Law of Attraction!
I AM a Magnet!
I AM Mysterious!
I AM the Mother of Civilization!
I AM an Architect!
I AM a Healer!
I AM Intuitive!
I AM Inspiring!
I AM Melanin!
I AM the XX Chromosome, so X Y are you picking with me? Leave me alone.
I AM on an Empowerment journey!
I AM Laughter!
I AM Entertaining!
I AM a Story Teller!
I AM a Lyricist!
I AM a Communicator!
I AM a Liberator!
I AM Dramatic!
I AM a Winner!
I AM Self-Motivated!
I AM a Diva!
I AM the Beginning!
I AM the End!
I AM the Originator!
I AM a Creator!
I AM Life!
I AM Spiritual!
I AM Beautiful!
I AM Bipolar, when I need to be!
I AM Hilarious!
I AM Successful!
I AM Brilliant!
I AM on a Mission!
I AM a Warrior!
I AM a Leader!
I AM a Moor!
I AM a Moabite, but I don’t bite!
I AM a Stinger because I AM a Queen Bee!
I AM Demanding!
I AM Determined!
I AM Purposeful!
I AM a Miracle!
I AM a Miracle Worker!
I AM a Light Worker!
I AM the African Eve!
I AM Evolving!
I AM Maat!
I AM the Original Black Madonna!
I AM Isis!
I AM Queen Makeda!
I AM Hatshepsut!
I AM the Daughter of Ra!
I AM Auset!
I AM an Asset!
I AM a Treasure!
I AM Mother Nature!
I AM a Child of the Sun!
I AM the Universe!
I AM Multidimensional!
I AM the Moon!
I AM the Earth!
I AM Oxygen and a Breath of Fresh Air!
I AM a Bright Star, Siriusly! (Look up, Sirius)
I AM a Celebrity because I Celebrate Me!
I AM Audacious!
I AM a Lioness!
I AM Royalty!
I AM Powerful!
I AM Peace!
I AM Awakened!
I AM Who I Say I AM!
The Dark Queen Goddess  has Risen and I Love Who I AM!
Rise Up, Queens! Let Your Inner Light Guide You!


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