Still I Will Write!

This is my tribute to Maya Angelou. I definitely can relate to her because I used writing as a tool to rise above adversity this past year so here is a very long and passionate poem that I wrote inspired by the poem, “Still I Rise”.

I may go down in history with you disagreeing with me
You may not admire my adamant ways and the way I behave
But please know that your views aren’t always true or right
So I stroke a key for you and me — And still I will write

Do my beliefs and opinions offend you?
Are you tired of hearing the truth or listening to my mystical imagination?
Well, it’s my obligation and privilege to share with the nation
My energetic, poetic, and uplifting conversation
For the sake of those who need motivation
So still I will purposefully write

Just like the tidal waves in the ocean — flow
I like to let my thoughts evolve and — grow
Just like my favorite quote from Maya Angelou –
“You can’t use up creativity: The more you use, the more you have”
So still I will write with creativity in order to have some mental flexibility

Do you not want me to have a voice?
Just live life without my own conscious choice
I guess you rather me be docile and submissive to you
Not have a counterargument or a personal point of view?
Well, my tenacious tongue I must bite because I will continue to write with all of my might

Furthermore, does my composing confidence intimidate you?
I bet you think I need to find another venue
To express my therapeutic and competitive thoughts
But wait a minute — Everyone needs someone to touch his or her heart
So I unapologetically will share my sagacious speeches hoping it reaches and teaches
The most powerful people who think they may know it all —
To become humble and listen to my mouth rumble

Maybe some of you feel like I am invading your space and you may feel a little territorial
Because I decided to share my ideas with you and express my evolving editorial
I don’t apologize for that because my ideas are meant to empower your mental
And my mission is to continue to push you so that you will meet your true potential
No, I’m not sorry and I’m not giving up on you —
Just because you have an opposing point of view

Furthermore, if I don’t write my thoughts, then I give others the consent to stage my life for me
And I don’t want to be anyone’s fictional character or political puppet — known as “My Legacy”
I rather forge new ground and build infinite possibilities
For every race and especially the African American community

Why? Because you plot to kill my African Kings holding them back from living like royal beings
You exploit my African Queens in the media and magazines so you can live out your “filthy rich” dreams
Then, capture and kill our African children for ransom to support your pyramid schemes

So in defense to your cowardice ways, the writing is on the wall
And my African ancestors were the first ones to have the world in awe
Of their energetic pyramids that scripted powerful prophecies
Spreading to the world our amazing history
That proved globally our genetic genius and our inner mysteries
Exceed any man-made degree because our true knowledge is 360 degrees

So as much as you try, you can’t erase indigenous ink with a pencil’s eraser
Because we, Africans, are righteous in nature — Resilient and dream chasers
You can’t take away the original stars that shine so bright
Nor can you take credit even if we were out of sight
But I will say we are “out of sight” and “out of mind”
Because we were spiritually here since the beginning of time
And you better believe that the universe will dance to that rhyme
Thus, make a mental note that you can’t make a “carbon” copy of the original elements
Or continue your war against us with your intentional arrested developments
So for my ancestors who legacy was stolen, still like a warrior, I will write

Still I will write, when I wake up inspired by the events yesterday that made me so exhausted
Still I will write, so I can fight the evildoers with my words
And bring out the good that life deserves
Still I will write passionately even when you judge
With hopes that my loving and urging thoughts will give you a nudge
Still I will write wishing that you will find solace through my soul’s cry
And find the spiritual light that you need within to shine
To empower yourself as well as others to use and free their minds

You may roll your eyes toward your head as my prosing paragraphs drown your news feed
But I will continue to type because I know in my heart my words of encouragement is what you need
I’m not forcing you to admit it and I promise you — I won’t quit it
Because I was designed to use the art of language
To motivate the lost and anguish
So I will continue to willingly write — For You!

After years of keeping your thoughts trapped in, it’s hard to embrace life’s parts of speech
But you must let go and use every thought to guide you with each goal you desire to reach
Not to mention the people around you who you could possibly teach —
So you can rhyme with reason, be hip with your hop, let your soul sing, and challenge your freedom to ring
I know it’s hard to be verbally open when the door has been closed on you so many times,
But that does not mean your inner voice should not chime — in
When you have an opinion or a cause to effect because freedom of speech gives you power and respect

So still I will write, when everyone has their own criticizing opinion of me
And have this conforming idea of how I should be
Still I write to combat those who are unjust to me
And those who are unfair to my community
Still I write — To defend myself
So everyone will understand and value my wealth
Still I will write when people have an unappealing view of me
I simply ignore, explore, and continue to express my inner beauty

I give all credit to my divine mother, Marian Cole Moore, for genetically giving me this gift to write
So that one day as a woman, I would discover its precious presence/presents in my life
I didn’t realize that poetry could be the ammunition that would help me fight my plight
Or the rhythmic representation of my dreams wrapped in my thoughts that could literally hold me tight

In closing, no matter what adversity comes my way, my jargon journey will always brighten my day and I pray that it gives everyone who reads my words a reason to say after a challenging day, Still I Rise!


Maya Angelou


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