I Believe Common Core is the Solution!

Common Core is the solution to the problems and frustrations we often faced in the classroom growing up. Remember when you were bored out of your mind listening to your teacher’s lecture when you already knew the content he or she was teaching? Remember when you wanted to share your answer, but you were terrified that it was going to be wrong or you were worried about how your teacher and classmates would treat you if you answered the question incorrectly. Furthermore, I know you all can agree that there were two “right answers” on those multiple choice tests? Don’t worry about it, you were right! What about when you thought an answer on your quiz was both true and false? Can you still feel the pain and politics involved in those pop quizzes?! I’m sure some of you still face test anxiety to this day because of those bias standardized tests and quizzes. Moreover, do you recollect working in groups and how you despised it because you did all the work? (Sounds like your current job right now, huh?) Let’s not forget how you constantly asked yourself “when will I ever apply this lesson to my life or future?” Lastly, do you recall entertaining yourself and others in class because the teacher held you back from entertaining the class with your talents?

Well, guess what? Common Core will allow your children to do all of the things we wished we could have done growing up in school. Children will be able to learn technical skills while cultivating their natural talents! In fact, lessons will be customized to your child’s learning needs! Have you ever stopped to analyze about how our traditional education system misdiagnoses so many students with ADHD or other learning disabilities because educators just weren’t teaching equivalent to their learning pace or preferences? That is why technology is the key to accommodating our students during instruction! Sometimes my former students who had special needs or preferences worked faster or in a more proficient manner than some of the students who were labeled as “gifted and talented” with the use of technology. Therefore, I believe that Common Core and its rigorous standards is just the solution education needs to embrace each unique way that a student desires and needs to learn in order for them to be prepared for college or their careers.

So with our new digital learning platform, lessons will be designed as an online convenience store with computer simulations, videos, podcasts, and social network learning, as well as, performance assessments. Education Reform is all about innovation! Thus, if students want to learn on the move, learn with music, sing or rap their lessons, entertain their class with research projects, learn while playing video games, and teach or demonstrate a lesson, this new education reform will allow it! Yes, Common Core will allow our children’s multiple intelligences and talents to be expressed inside and outside of the classroom so that they will discover their passion while making positive contributions to society.

Since we are living in an Information and Technology Age, our children will find and know the truth while discovering new possibilities. Students will be able to discover new learning theories and research information in real-time instead of instructors giving them a textbook informing them this is the only truth about your history or science. Last but not least, collaborative opportunities to work on monthly projects that can be applied to the real world such as creating learning games, managing a business internship, analyzing authentic case studies, and mentoring activities with local business professionals will take education, along with our communities, to new heights!

I believe that our new education reform, Common Core will provide constant opportunities for students to experience engaging cooperative team projects and innovative leadership skills necessary to be globally prepared for the future workforce. In closing, Common Core is not only investing in our children’s education, but influencing everyone around them to become more actively involved with supporting our future leaders to personally and professionally excel!


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